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Motorhome place Therme Bad Blau

SP ()89134 Blaustein Baden-Wurttemberg Germany
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Blaustein, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Blaustein, Pictures and general information

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    RV sites in the area

    1. Wohnmobilparkplatz Hallenbad Freibad, 89231 Neu-Ulm, An der Alten Wiblinger Straße 56
      Large parking area for visitors from the indoor pool, the outdoor swimming pool, the restaurant Danny, or the skating rink in winter. (Overnight Parking lot)
    2. Motorhome place Parkanlage Friedrichsau, 89073 Ulm, Wielandstraße
      Pitch with supply and disposal in the Friedrichsau between Donauhalle and Donaustadion. @ With the tram line 1 and the bus line 6 you reach the city from the bus stop Donaustadion in about 8 minutes. (Real motorhome parking)
    3. Motorhome place, 89073 Ulm, Gänsewiesenweg
      Parking for the stadium and swimming pool. (daily parking area for sightseeing)
    4. Motorhome place P+R Parkplatz Blaubeuren, 89143 Blaubeuren, Bahnhofstraße
      Very good for a city tour in Ulm, the train ride takes less than 15 minutes. Not suitable for overnight stays. (daily parking area for sightseeing)
    5. Motorhome place, 89143 Blaubeuren, Dodelweg
      Gymnasium Dodelweg For events can be sent, together with the car! Bad Blue Adventure (Real motorhome parking)
    6. Motorhome place, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Badesee
      the little east of New Ulm, located some community lake has a great swimming lake directly bordering the Danube. Of the lake owned parking lot (no prohibition f ... (Overnight parking, tolerated in the winter)
    7. Motorhome place, 89155 Erbach, Dellmensinger Straße 70
      The parking lot at the fairground and at a lake.. From time to time there is a marquee in the square. (Overnight Parking lot)
    8. Motorhome place Restaurants Römerstuben, 89195 Staig, Saunweg 4
      Space for 10 mobile in the parking lot of the restaurant Römerstuben, consumption mandatory. @ Also suited for large mobile. (Parking near/at restaurant/hotel/winery)
    9. Motorhome place, 89191 Nellingen/Alb, Aicherstr. 7-9
      Landgasthof-Hotel Krone (Parking near/at restaurant/hotel/winery)

    Event near the camperplace

    Blaustein, Sights and other pois
    000.2 km Waterpark
    Bad Blau,89134 Blaustein,Boschstraße 12
    000.31 km wikipedia
    Baden-Württemberg, Blaustein
    000.44 km bank
    Volksbank @DE|Baden-Württemberg|Blaustein||Blaustein, Deutschland
    000.49 km doctor
    Venenklinik Blaustein
    000.52 km Shop
    000.56 km Shop
    000.67 km supermarketsupermarket
    000.72 km supermarketsupermarket
    000.82 km supermarket
    Supermarkt ALDI, Max-Hilsenbeck-Str.1
    000.89 km fuelstationfuelstation
    000.99 km  AUTHORITY
    Schule:89134 Blaustein,Buchbronnenweg:Guatav-Leube-Schule
    001.96 km supermarket
    Netto:89134 Blaustein,Bahnhofstraße:Netto
    002.04 km wikipedia
    Baden-Württemberg, Energon
    002.07 km  means of transport means of transport
    002.22 km wikipedia
    Baden-Württemberg, Herrlingen
    002.54 km wikipedia
    Deutschland, Hochschule Ulm
    003.36 km wikipedia
    Deutschland, Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Ulm
    003.77 km castle
    Ruine Arnegg
    003.79 km wikipedia
    Baden-Württemberg, Fernmeldeturm Ulm-Ermingen
    004.09 km wikipedia
    Deutschland, Erminger Turritellenplatte
    004.16 km  Landscape
    Klingensteiner Wald
    004.2 km wikipedia
    Baden-Württemberg, Universität Ulm
    004.25 km  Landscape
    004.26 km hospital
    004.49 km tourist spot
    Denkmal:89081 Ulm,Albert-Einstein-Allee:Skulpturenpark Uni Ulm
    004.66 km churchchurch
    004.75 km fuelstationfuelstation
    004.81 km church
    Kirche:89077 Grimmelfingen,Klosterhof 18:Klosterhof
    004.82 km restaurant
    Gasthaus Löwen
    005 km  means of transport means of transport
    005.29 km  Landscape
    005.35 km wikipedia
    Baden-Württemberg, Sender Ulm-Kuhberg
    005.4 km  athletic fields
    005.47 km wikipedia
    Deutschland, KZ Oberer Kuhberg
    005.61 km wikipedia
    Baden-Württemberg, Botanischer Garten Ulm
    005.66 km  Landscape
    005.71 km church
    Kirche:89077 Grimmelfingen,Söflinger Straße:Christuskirche
    005.74 km restaurant
    Restaurant McDonalds
    005.86 km castle
    Ruine Neidegg
    005.86 km castle
    Ruine Neidegg
    005.9 km supermarket
    DE|Baden-Württemberg|Ulm|89077|Magirusstraße 44, 89077 Ulm, Germany
    005.92 km Shop
    005.93 km restaurant
    DE|Baden-Württemberg|Ulm|89077|Magirusstraße 44, 89077 Ulm, Germany
    005.97 km supermarket
    DE|Baden-Württemberg|Ulm|89077|Magirusstraße 45, 89077 Ulm, Germany
    006.13 km Hardware Store
    Bauhaus:89077 Ulm,Blaubeurer Straße 59:Baumarkt Bauhaus
    006.14 km supermarketsupermarket
    006.21 km supermarketsupermarket
    006.24 km fuelstation
    006.26 km  AUTHORITY
    006.32 km supermarket
    Supermarkt Aldi Süd
    006.34 km restaurant
    Restaurant McDonalds