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Motorhome place campsiteplatz Ostsee Katharinenof

CP ()23769 Fehmarn Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Pay for use site 19.30 until 29.80 Euro
open 27.März until 15.Oktober

Motorhome place Cottage Wachtelberg

BH ()23769 FehmarnOT Gahlendorf Schleswig-Holstein Germany
Pay for use site 12,50 Euro
open März until Oktober

Fehmarnot-gahlendorf, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Fehmarnot-gahlendorf, Pictures and general information

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    RV sites in the area

    1. Campingplatz Klausdorfer Strand, 23769 Fehmarn, Campingplatz Klausdorf 1002
      13 Womo places @ Ketcar Rental, street ball field, Mietbäder, @ Meereszentrum Tropical Aquarium @ current package or € 2.50 per KW (Campingplace)
    2. Campingplatz Klausdorfer Strand, 23769 Klausdorf a. Fehmarn, Klausdorfer Strandweg 100
      There are places for campers at this campground.. @ Pets cost in high season € 4 per day. ( Parking by the campsite)
    3. Motorhome place Camping Südstrand-Womowiese, 23769 Fehmarn, Residenz 1003
      there are spaces in front of the barrier, Camper Service is within the campsite possible @Im price all individuals are included. ( Parking by the campsite)
    4. Campingplace Suedstrand, 23769 Fehmarn, Merschendorf
      Camping Südstrand17 Womoplätze front of the barrier (Campingplace)
    5. Campingplace Insel Camp Fehmarn, 23769 Fehmarn, Meeschendorf
    6. Campingplace Europa - Camping, 23769 Fehmarn , OT Meeschendorf
      Small CP next to the CP South Beach (Campingplace)
    7. Motorhome place Parkplatz Osterstrasse, 23769 Burg auf Fehmarn, Osterstraße
      Parking space at the back of the parking lot East at the Osterstraße, @ ACHTUN unconditionally park the parking lot and behind the WINDSCHUTZSCHEIBE hang up le ... (daily parking area for sightseeing)
    8. Motorhome place Fehmarn Südstrand, 23769 Fehmarn, Strandallee 1003
      Combined bus and RV parking, right on the water park FehMare.. The Place during the day a little uneasy, since even a bus stop at Place is located and the bus ... (Real motorhome parking)
    9. Motorhome place Parkplatz Fährdienst Dänemark, 23769 Puttgarden, Kampenweg 10
      Overnight in the car park at the ferry terminal.. @ The driveway is regulated by a barrier.. Payment by machine at the exit. (Overnight Parking lot)
    10. Motorhome place Fehmarn Südstrand, 23769 Fehmarn, Strandallee 1001
      A sufficient part of a large parking lot is approved for mobile homes.. @ From 10:00 to 19:00 clock the hour costs EUR 1.00. @ In this time max.. Days price ... (Real motorhome parking)
    11. Wohnmobilparkplatz Weidenweg, 23769 Fehmarn , Weidenweg Ecke Blieschendorfer Weg
      A parking place with designated places for mobile homes, with accommodation possibility (Real motorhome parking)
    12. Campingplatz Puttgarden, 23769 Fehmarn Puttgarden, Strandweg

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    Fehmarnot-gahlendorf, Sights and other pois
    000.93 km  athletic fields
    001.05 km webcamwebcam
    001.21 km restaurant
    001.39 km webcam
    Deutschland,Camping Klausdorfer Strand mit Blick zur Ostsee
    001.56 km museummuseum
    001.84 km webcam
    Deutschland,Webcam vom Katharinenhof auf Fehmarn
    001.92 km  athletic fields athletic fields
    002.01 km wikipedia
    Deutschland, Katharinenhof (Fehmarn)
    003.3 km webcamwebcam
    003.33 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Staberdorf
    003.46 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Klausdorf (Fehmarn)
    003.53 km ShopShop
    004.66 km  athletic fields
    Parkplatz@Presen 7A@23769 Fehmarn@Schleswig-Holstein@Deutschland
    004.98 km Other
    Einrichtung der Bundeswehr@(Marinefunkstelle)
    005.14 km  athletic fields
    005.19 km  bay bay
    006.45 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Niendorf auf Fehmarn
    006.5 km lighthouse
    006.6 km lighthouse
    Leuchtfeuer StaberhukOrientierungsfeuer
    006.6 km tourist spottourist spot
    007.25 km  Landscape
    007.25 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Bannesdorf auf Fehmarn
    007.49 km port
    Fahrhafen Marina in Schleswig-Holstein
    007.59 km webcamwebcam
    007.62 km infoinfo
    007.81 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Burg auf Fehmarn
    007.82 km  means of transport
    Bahnhof @Puttgarden (Deutschland)
    007.83 km Shop
    Deutschland, Der Inselbaecker
    007.86 km  athletic fields
    Parkplatz @
    007.96 km restaurantrestaurant
    007.98 km Shop
    Am Markt 31, 23769 Fehmarn, Deutschland
    007.98 km supermarketsupermarket
    007.98 km  means of transport
    Faehre @Puttgarden (Deutschland) nach Rödby (Dänemark)
    008 km restaurant
    Restaurant Wisser´s Hotel
    008.04 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Rathaus Burg auf Fehmarn
    008.06 km bankbank
    008.08 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Fehmarn
    008.09 km webcamwebcam
    008.1 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, Fährbahnhof Puttgarden
    008.11 km bankbank
    008.16 km church
    Kirche:23769 Fehmarn,Breite Straße 49:St. Nikolai
    008.16 km restaurant
    Restaurant:23769 Fehmarn,Ohrtstraße 8-12:Kartoffelhaus
    008.17 km restaurant
    Restaurant Zur Traube, Burg
    008.2 km wikipedia
    Schleswig-Holstein, St. Nikolai (Fehmarn)
    008.36 km Shop
    Bahnhofstraße 28, 23769 Fehmarn, Deutschland
    008.41 km  athletic fields
    Am Mellenthinplatz
    008.45 km port
    Burgtiefe Sport Boat Hafen in Schleswig-Holstein
    008.51 km wikipedia
    Deutschland, Puttgarden
    008.52 km webcam
    Deutschland,Rundblick über den Yachthafen Burgtief
    008.53 km  athletic fields
    Am Mellenthinplatz
    008.62 km museummuseum