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Motorhome place Grafenauer Kurpark

SP ()94481 Grafenau Bavaria Germany
Pay for use site 13.90 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Grafenau, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Grafenau, Pictures and general information

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    1. Motorhome place Hotel zum Friedl, 94568 Riedlhütte , Kirchstraße 28
      In a restaurant will be charged € 2.50. @ Very quiet and beautiful location.. Fantastic place to relax, hike and relax. @ And of course, great food in the restaurant. (Real motorhome parking)
    2. Motorhome place Kinderparadies Habernberger Hof, 94513 Schönberg-Habernberg, Habernberg 1
      Children' (s Paradise - Farm Experience Haber Hof)
    3. Motorhome place , 94518 Spiegelau, Hauptstraße
      Parking at the supermarkets NORMA or EDEKA (opposite). @ The course is flat, but is situated in the village on the (little traffic) main road. @. @ Because of ... (daily parking area for sightseeing)
    4. Motorhome place Naturpark Lusen, 94556 Neuschönau, Nationalparkstraße
      Parking for RVs, the stay is prohibited.. It can be purchased from the National Park Administration multi-day park tickets at a discount. (daily parking area for sightseeing)
    5. Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz H&R Platz, 94556 Neuschönau, Reinhold-Koeppel-Straße 2
      Parking is in the winter for the bus to Lusen and then probably is full. (Overnight Parking lot)
    6. Campingplace Camping am Nationalpark, 94518 Spiegelau, Klingenbrunn, Bergstraße 44
      Camping at the national park, open all year round
      between blades and Brno Spiegelau (Campingplace)
    7. Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz Waldhäuser, 94556 Neuschönau, Lusenstraße
      300 m before the road ends, there is a wonderful parking lot next to the road, which is not very busy.. A toilet is on the place!. Fantastic view (Gr. Rachel ... (Overnight Parking lot)
    8. Campingplace Camping Schrottenbaummühle, 94142 Fürsteneck, Schrotttenbaummühle 1
      No cell phone reception.. Of All Saints until Easter the plumbing is closed. @ Quick Stop by 18 bis 10 clock clock € 7 including V / E, otherwise prices are camping @ Nature Park Bavarian Forest (Campingplace)
    9. Motorhome place, 94169 Thurmansbang, Hofwies 1
      Parking with extra shield RV @ @ public toilets formless message at the Tourist Office (08504-1642) (Real motorhome parking)
    10. Motorhome place Parkplatz Museumsdorf Bayerischer Wald, 94169 Thurmansbang, FRG40
      The parking lot is divided by walls and is ideal to stay and as a parking space when tours of the area and visit the museum village (Overnight Parking lot)
    11. Motorhome place Parkplatz am Freibad., 94078 Freyung, Zuppinger Straße
      Directly at the heated outdoor pool with a large lawn @ (Real motorhome parking)

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    Grafenau, Sights and other pois
    000.52 km  athletic fields athletic fields
    000.59 km Waterpark
    |Badname|,94481 Grafenau,Seesteig 5
    000.68 km info
    TouristInfo,94481 Grafenau,Deutschland,Rathausgasse 1
    000.81 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Grafenau (Niederbayern)
    000.83 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Landgraf-Leuchtenberg-Gymnasium Grafenau
    000.97 km  AUTHORITY
    001.09 km supermarketsupermarket
    001.12 km fuelstationfuelstation
    001.17 km fuelstationfuelstation
    001.18 km webcamwebcam
    001.3 km hospitalhospital
    001.33 km supermarketsupermarket
    001.4 km wikipedia
    Deutschland, Bayernpark Feriendorf Grafenau
    001.44 km supermarket
    Supermarkt ALDI, Wittelsbacherstr.1
    002.28 km supermarketsupermarket
    002.4 km  Alpine
    002.52 km supermarketsupermarket
    002.63 km fuelstationfuelstation
    002.84 km  Landscape
    003.38 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Sankt Oswald-Riedlhütte
    004.67 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Kloster Sankt Oswald
    004.78 km museum
    005.53 km  Alpine
    Berggipfel:|Plz| |Ort|,|Anschrift|:Grüdelberg
    005.88 km  Landscape
    Flussquelle:|Plz| |Ort|,|Anschrift|:Ilz Ursprung
    006.07 km  Alpine
    Berggipfel:|Plz| |Ort|,|Anschrift|:Steinberg
    006.23 km infoinfo
    006.65 km tourist spot
    006.78 km  Alpine
    Reh Berg
    007.23 km fuelstationfuelstation
    007.76 km churchchurch
    007.98 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Spiegelau
    008.23 km WaterparkWaterpark
    008.27 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Schönberg (Niederbayern)
    008.54 km  Landscape
    Flussquelle:|Plz| |Ort|,|Anschrift|:Große Ohe
    008.56 km infoinfo
    008.56 km  means of transport
    Bahnhof Spiegelau
    008.57 km church
    Kapelle:94513 Schönberg,Quellenweg:Christopherus Kapelle
    008.62 km supermarketsupermarket
    008.65 km tourist spot
    Aussichtsturm:94513 Schönberg,Quellenweg:Kadernberg
    008.65 km supermarket
    sonstiges:94518 Spiegelau,Konrad-Wilsdorf-Straße 1B:NORMA
    008.65 km supermarket
    Edeka:94518 Spiegelau,Hauptstraße :|Bezeichnung|
    008.72 km  athletic fields
    008.73 km recreation park
    Erlebnispark:94518 Spiegelau,Trosselweg 12:Walderlebnispark Spiegelau
    008.73 km fuelstationfuelstation
    008.74 km  Alpine
    Berggipfel:|Plz| |Ort|,|Anschrift|:Kadernberg
    008.77 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Ringelai
    008.8 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Neuschönau
    008.85 km supermarketsupermarket
    008.87 km church
    Kirche:94513 Kirchberg,B 85:St. Johannes der Täufer
    009.53 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Perlesreut
    010.06 km wikipedia
    Bayern, Saldenburg