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Motorhome place Elea Richtung Strand
5.1 Sterne von maximal 6 aus 27 Bewertungen.

motorhome parking:

  PN (11343) a pretty place between pine forest and beach, but where was expelled by the police in October 2007 and it should be a punishment eroflgt.. Such expulsions were reported to us several times from the area Zaharo-Elia, while the campers gather there again and again. @ 2012 everything as usual
Last updated on 2020-08-22

Parking for motorhomes

Griechenland, Peloponnes, 24003 Elea
Street:Richtung Strand
Number of places:10
MeinwomoID 11343
Environment:beautiful surroundings
last visit message: 08/2020
available:from: 1.Januar until: 31.Dezember

Price : without charge

  W M S E N H
water:Water available
Dumpstation:Dumpstation available
Stream:No electricity available
Garbage:dustbin available
Dogs:Dogs allowed

Directions and coordinates

  Turn of the New National Road between Pyrgos and Kiparissia in Elea, follow the signs Beach, to go to the beach.
|tief hängende Äste
-> Also for mobile over 8 m

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Comments and ratings

The most important comments (insgesamt vorhanden=59)
robbie-tobbie | 2019-10 | Just now an Austrian camper was robbed - in broad daylight.. The burglars were spotted, but could not be stopped.. Offenders are in a car Audi A3, gray metallic, license plate starts with ZH (Greek approval) fled.. According to testimonies, these are not Greek citizens.
liebrolf | 2019-06 | There are several showers.. One is at the end of the road on the left at the beach, at least one self-built at the water removal points in the forest.. In the morning at 10 the baker comes with rich offerings.. The forest was almost free of garbage.
gdbr | 2019-05 | In May 2018 no problems with police or rabble.
jomil | 2019-04 | We drove on towards evening, as rabble ravaged the area the last time: burglary and theft!
blauerklaus02 | 2018-10 | Oct 18: Access as from marteg52, beautiful places in the forest (sandy ground !!!) no police
sandslash | 2018-09 | The site is still usable, but only on the left side of the road through the woods (southbound)..
Very quiet.
blacky9999 | 2017-10 | The police were there again, and they all drove under penalty of 120 €.
marteg52 | 2017-09 | Before the sports field, turn left and drive into the pine forest.. The road is well secured but as soon as they leave the road very well pay attention to the sandy bottom.. There is water at the place and also beach showers are available.. Very quiet location.
marteg52 | 2017-09 | Disposal available
. Waste bin available
lauinger | 2017-08 | Still a nice place with a lot of charm, during our visit a small stage was set up and theater was played, at night ´quiet´ guitar sounds.. Again very beautiful and without problems.

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  1. Motorhome place Elea beach, 24500 Α
    stellplatz (Free parking space, so far without any problems)
  2. Campingplace Camping Apollo Village, 27054 Zacharo-Giannitsochori, Apollo 10
    Camping by the sea, Acsi is accepted @ WIFI at the reception and in the restaurant possible @ nature places in the back, great sandy beach in 3 minutes walk.. ... (Campingplace)
  3. Campingplace Camping Tholo Beach, 27054 Tholo, Kalamatas-Pyrgou
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  4. Motorhome place, 27054 Zacharo - Neohori III, Kalamatas-Pyrgou
    Turn on the main road to Neohori by Neohori crossed and at Orstende turn right towards the sea (Overnight Parking lot)
  5. Motorhome place, 27054 Neohori II
    another popular place on the wide beach of Neohori. (Overnight Parking lot)
  6. Wohnmobilparkplatz nahe Lepreo, 27056 Lepreo, Tholo - Peribolia
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  7. Motorhome place, 24500 Kalo Nero
    a very beautiful place on gravel on the beach at the southern end of the village of Kalo Nero, within sight of a taverna. beach showers (Overnight Parking lot)
  8. Motorhome place, 27054 Neohori I
    go to Neohori and before the bridge (coming from N) on the street trick for Sea (Overnight Parking lot)
  9. Motorhome place, 270 54 Zacharo
    Parking directly recommended by the sea on the dunes, wheel (Overnight Parking lot)

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