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CP ()12136 Athen Attika Greece
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open Januar until Dezember

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NO ().. Athen Greece
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Athen, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Athen, Pictures and general information

  • ATHENS , Greek Athina, capital, metropolis and famous heart of Greece..
    With its neighborhoods and suburbs it is home to around 4 million inhabitants and is the center from which everything goes out and where everything leads..
    At the same time, Athens is not only a cultural, economic and historical center for Greece, but for the whole of Southeastern Europe..
    If Athens is the heart, the airports and the ports of Piraeus and Rafina are the arteries that supply the entire, diverse island world of the Aegean Sea..

    The city lies in the plain of Attica, which is crossed by the rivers Ilisos and Kifisos and is surrounded on three sides by mountains «Hymettos 1026 m, from Pentelikon 1107 m» from Parnes 1413 m and Aegaleo 468 m» On the fourth side is the Aegean Sea, respectively the Saronic Gulf.

    Athens is located in the most spacious plain of the Attica landscape with the rivers Ilisos and Kifisos and is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, from Hymettos «1026 m», from the Pentelikon «1107 m», from Parnes «1413 m» and Aegaleo «468 m», the fourth side opens to the sea, the Saronic Gulf..

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    According to the founding myth, Athena, the goddess of wisdom and Poseidon, the god of the seas, was fighting over who else nameless city to give its name..
    Poseidon gave the city a well.. Unfortunately, the inhabitants were not very happy about the salty wet.. Athena presented the olive tree, which in turn supplied olives, oil and wood.. Sure, who won the duel..
    According to other accounts, King Kekrops founded the city, so Kekropia is an ancient name of Athens..
    Beautiful is however the derivation with the gods..


    * First finds date back to the Neolithic Age, about 7500 years back
    * 1300 BC. Building of a Mycenaean palace on the Acropolis
    * In the Hellenic Classic «5th century BC», Athens stood for the Attic Polis, the birthplace of democracy.. This first form is in universal historical perspective the precursor of an order based on popular will.. At this time Athens was leading power within the Attic Confederation..
    * 86 BC. Athens is incorporated into the Roman Empire, but maintains its status as an intellectual center and a prime example of urban development..
    * 267 AD Conquest and pardon by the Germanic Herulers
    * 529 AD Closure of the schools of philosophy by the decree of Emperor Justinian I
    * End of the 6th ct.. Incursion of the Slavs and end of the ancient phase.. From now on we went downhill..
    * the centuries elapse and see Athens in relative insignificance..
    * 9th cent.. Athens becomes a bishopric with the Parthenon as Episcopal Church
    * 1204 Athens becomes a succession of the Fourth Crusade Frankish Duchy after the conquest of Constantinople
    * 1388 - 1402 Reign of Florence
    * in between, 1392 Ottoman rule
    * or the Venetian 1395
    * 1456 Sultan Mehmed II conquers the city, the Parthenon becomes a mosque
    * as a result of several destructions of the city and further descent into insignificance
    * 1834 Athens becomes capital of the new Greek kingdom and as such has just 4,000 inhabitants, as a result of the fact that the city had become simply insignificant, on the other hand from high losses in the wars of liberation..
    * under King Otto I «from the house of Wittelsbacher» the Syntagma Square and the Omonia Square were built in the center of Athens, lined with public buildings in neoclassicism
    * 1908 - 1918 the "Forest Friends Society" takes over the reforestation of the Acropolis
    * 1920 Greater Athens has 45300 inhabitants.. After the end of the Turkish-Greek war in 1920/21 and in consequence expulsion of many Greeks «about one million!» From Turkey, the city continues to expand, partly through the construction of slums
    * 1952 beginning of the prosperity of the city and economic upswing.. It is governed by the conservative forces.. In addition, between 1950 and 1960, there is a major change in the country: many rural people are moving into the city in search of work and a better life, which is rapidly worsening the conditions in the residential areas.. Now, however, the government was fully occupied with post-Civil War rebuilding and the 1950 earthquake, leaving the housing problem to private investors..
    These developed the system of "antiparochi" «about: return».. They took over land and compensated the former owner not with money, but with a certain number of completed apartments.. Conversely, many construction companies and builders paid their workers housing..

    * The central point of Athens in terms of political events is probably Syntagma Square
    3.. 12th 1944 in a demo of the EAM 15 demonstrators shot by the police
    * 1961 -1967 there are always bitter fights between right and left groups, which are also held in the large squares of the city.. <1985> 1985 Athens becomes the first European Capital of Culture
    * 1987 The Acropolis becomes a World Heritage Site
    * 1990 Daphni Monastery becomes a World Heritage Site

    Ancient Sites

    Athens has its importance in ancient times even today many important buildings of that time, many of which also served as models for far later buildings of classicism in Germany or France, but also in ancient Rome.. They all learned from Athens..

    * Acropolis, including Parthenon, Nikitempel, Erechtheion, Propylaea
    * Agora, including the temple of Hephaestus and Athena Kerosikos, ancient city wall with the Dipylon, the largest Athenian city gate;. Grave Street
    * Pnyx, hill west of the Acropolis, site of the popular gatherings in classical Athens
    * Philopappos Monument south of the Pnyx
    * Dionysus Theater, where the classical tragedies of the great dramatists Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides were premiered and the comedies Aristophanes , and from 330 BC. The People´s Assembly was held here.
    * Odeon of Herodes Atticus
    * Roman Agora with the Tower of the Winds
    * Hadrian´s Library
    * Olympieion, Temple of Olympian Zeus, the mightiest temple of the Greek mainland over 17 m high columns
    * Kallimarmaro Stadium or Panathenaic Stadium

    Syntagma Square, Syntagma Square metro station, Parliament building «former castle» with National Garden «formerly Schlossgarten»
    * Athenian trilogy «Classicist building ensemble» from academy, library and «old» university, as well as directly beside it catholic Bischofskirche and old eye clinic..
    * The Plaka is the oldest neighborhood in Athens.. There, below the Acropolis, you will find many taverns, restaurants and small shops in a labyrinthine tangle of lanes..
    * Numerous churches, including 24 Byzantine churches, Armenian churches, Christian Orthodox churches, Catholic cathedral and Jewish synagogues
    * Daphni Monastery «11th century, with Byzantine mosaics
    * Kaisariani Monastery
    * First Athens cemetery, tombs of many "VIPs"
    * Lykavittos «mountain of 277 m in the middle of Athens, view of Athens, funicular»

    General or museums of various disciplines

    * Museum of Cycladic Art «Goulandris Museum»
    * Benaki Museum
    * Ellinikós Kósmos, the Interactive Museum «near the Kallithea metro station»

    Archaeological Museums
    * National Archaeological Museum «the most visited museum of the city»
    * Byzantine Museum
    * Archaeological Museum Piraeus
    * Acropolis Museum - New Acropolis Museum

    Museums of Recent History
    * Folklore Museum in Monastiráki
    * Jewish Museum in the Pláka
    * Museum of Traditional Musical Instruments, Pláka
    *. Museum of the City of Athens «with model of the city in 1842 and the first throne room of King Otto»

    Art and Design Museums
    * National Museum of Modern Art in the Old Fix Factory
    * National Gallery
    * Frissiras Museum of Contemporary European Painting
    * Museum of Greek Theater
    * Municipal Gallery Athens
    * Jewelry Museum Ilias Lalaounis
    * Glyptothek - Museum of Modern Sculpture

    Technical Museums
    * War Museum «Athens»
    * Trocadero Marina Ship Museum in Palio Faliro
    * Hellenic Motor Museum
    * OTE Museum of Telecommunications
    * Railway Museum «Athens» of the OSE
    * Greek Naval Museum Piraeus

    Natural History Museums
    * Natural History Museum Goulandis
    * Zoological Museum of the University of Athens

    Other Special Museums
    * Museum for Children
    * ELTA Postal Museum
    * Numismatic Museum «Athens»


    As a metropolis, Athens naturally has a rich cultural offer with theaters,. Concert halls, festivals of all kinds, as well as numerous open-air cinemas.. Mainly English films with Greek subtitles are played.. The performances take place between 9 and 11 o´clock in the evening..

    In addition, Athens is a university town, where there are hardly any foreign students, since Greek is the only language of instruction..

    Sports and Olympic Games

    Those who say Greece and Athens can not ignore sports..
    In ancient times, a domain of the nobility, the sport quickly became the common property of the middle class and eventually Aller..
    Athens has many sports clubs and sports venues, the most important of which are football, volleyball and basketball..

    * 1896 first modern Olympic Games in Athens
    * 2004 host of the 28th Olympiad


    No metropolis without shopping!. So of course also Athens:
    shops open at 9, or 9:30 and close mostly from 1330 until about 16 o´clock.. Except of course restaurants, kiosks, etc.
    Each district has a market where fresh fruit and vegetables are offered..
    In addition, of course, the large supermarket chains are represented, an Ikea and a large electronics market can also be found at the airport, easy to drive by car or Womo..

    The Plaka is the old city of Athens and its colorful, confusing heart.. Narrow streets, labyrinthine downright, lined with tourist shops, gift shops, Krimskramslädchen, pubs and restaurants.. The Plaka is located just north of the Acropolis and is part of every visit..
    It is best not to go into the numerous tugs that persuade the visitor to visit one of the surrounding brothels..

    Shopping Mile with brand stores, starts at Syntagma Square and ends at Monastiraki.. Parallel to this is the Mitropoleos.. Also still worth a visit, but just 2nd line..

    North of the Sofiastraße are many boutiques, designer shops, etc., and from there you can reach the Likavitos hill, from where you can enjoy a very nice view..

    Walking from the Syntagma Square through the pedestrian zone of Ermou, you reach Psirri, the neighborhood with nightlife..
    Here you will find lounge bars, restaurants, music taverns and discos


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