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Motorhome place Club Nissos

HRW ()48100 Pidima Kiras Epirus Greece
Consumption required
open 1.Juli until 31.August

Motorhome place campsite Asterias

CP ()48100 Kastrosykia Epirus Greece
Pay for use site 16.4 until 19.4 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Kastrosykia, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Kastrosykia, Pictures and general information

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    RV sites in the area

    1. Campingplace Camping Acrogiali, 48100 Riza, Zalongo, Preveza, Riza Beach
      Square with a lot of Greek permanent camper.. Restaurant on the square Sanitary rooms and showers for Greek standards very tidy (Campingplace)
    2. Motorhome place, 48100 Kanali / Epirus, Küstenstrasse Igoumenitsa-Preveza
      Parking space available on a very clean, well maintained (kurzgemähten!) meadow, above a beautiful sandy pebble beach with a view of Lefkas and Paxos / Antipaxos. (Overnight Parking lot)
    3. Campingplace Camping Monolithi, 48100 Kanali, E 55 Igou-Preveza
      Small camp on the main E55 Strasser Igoumenitsa - Preveza, about 20km north of Preveza. Many permanent campers and a few guest seats, held in fairly decent shot ... (Campingplace)
    4. Motorhome place, 48062 Ligia, Ethniki Odos Prevezas
      off the main road Igoumenitsa - Preveza Ligia and then always drive towards the sea. The entrance to the harbor is very narrow. (X) space on the beach next to a ... (Parking near/at restaurant/hotel/winery)
    5. Campingplace Camping Panorama, 48100 Preveza, E55
      Pretty small campsite, shady, just off the E55 @ Kieslig-sandy, very long beach with beach bar@@@7% discount for stays over 10 nights @ 12% discount for stays over 20 nights (Campingplace)
    6. Motorhome place Kanali Strandstrasse, 48100 Kanali / Igoumenitsas , Ethniki Odos Prevezas
      off the main road Igoumenitsa - Preveza front of the campsite sewage to the sea, you ride through a small forest setting option (Overnight Parking lot)
    7. Wohnmobilstellplatz Preveza-Mitikas, 48100 Preveza, Strandstraße nach Mitikas
      Beside Strandsstraße, there is space for 2 smaller womos.. Quiet at night.. Showers are within walking distance.. Drive along the EO18 direction Preveza, sh ... (Overnight Parking lot)
    8. Wohnmobilparkplatz Mytikas , 48100 Mytikas, Eparchiaki Odos
      separated parking facilities on the beach road around the village of Mytikas.. Gladly visited by joggers.. Parking space at the beach.. The number of parkin ... (Overnight Parking lot)
    9. Motorhome place Ausgrabungsstätte Nikopolis, 48100 Preveza Nikopolis, Eparchiaki Odos Prevezas-Nikopolis
      unadorned parking outside the entrance to the large archaeological site Nicopolis (early Christian) at Preveza. ruin something for geeks, -) (Overnight Parking lot)