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Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz Sparta-Mystra

PN ()23100 Mystras Greece
without charge
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Motorhome place

PN ()23100 Mistras Peloponnesia Greece
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Castle View campsite

CP ()23100 Mistras Greece
Pay for use site 20.00 Euro
open 1.April until 15.Oktober

Motorhome place campsite Paleológio

CP ()23100 Paleologio Mystra Greece
Pay for use site 19.50 until 21 Euro
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Mistras, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Mistras, Pictures and general information

  • Sparta is a rural town in the Peloponnese and capital of the prefecture of Laconia, located east of the Taygetos Mountains..

    Today´s Sparta was founded in 1836 by Otto I and laid out in a checkerboard pattern.. The town of Mistra, which was destroyed during the Wars of Liberation, was thereby replaced as the agricultural center..
    The naming was a homage to the ancient Sparta, whose remains are in the north of today´s Sparta..

    Unfortunately, there is not much preserved of the polis of antiquity and there are few noteworthy ruins..
    You will probably find what you are looking for in a museum by keeping the torso of Leonid from the period after the Persian Wars..



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  1. Motorhome place Regional Unit of Lakonia, 23100 Sparti, Ethniki Odos Spartis Githiou
    Before and behind the regional administration of Lakonia are plenty of good parking.. Illuminated at night and with beautiful views of the Taygetos Mountains. ... (Overnight Parking lot)
  2. Motorhome place, 23100 Mystras, Kalamatas-Spartis
    The site `Magganiaris' ( is a picnic-place high in the mountains and near a stream. We used it in August 2010 as a starting point for a wonderful hike to the ...)
  3. Motorhome place, 23054 Kryonerio/Lakonien
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  4. Motorhome place Parkplätze am Kiesstrand von Kardamili, 24022 Kardamili, -
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  5. Campingplace Camping Kalogria, 24022 Stoupa, Barbezea Nicos 29
    Beautiful unspoilt campsite about 200m from one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece.. Taverns and supermarkets easily reachable on foot (Campingplace)
  6. Motorhome place Bei Glifada Beach Bar, 23057 Trinisia Beach, Skalas-Gytheiou
    a viewable from the main beach, the most striking feature of the old rusty wreck is in the water. (Overnight Parking lot)
  7. Motorhome place, 23200 Gythio, Skalas-Gytheiou
    After Gythio found on the beach a beautiful brick with fresh water source, which also has a small parking bay. Since we are in strategic places on the otherwise ... (Overnight Parking lot)
  8. Motorhome place, 23057 Krokees - Trinisia, Skalas-Gytheiou,
    (Overnight Parking lot)
  9. Motorhome place Fischerhafen, 23051 Trinisia , ..
    quiet place in a small fishing port. Small quaint Taverna (Overnight Parking lot)