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Motorhome place Recreatiecentrum De Zuidduinen

CP ()2225 Katwijk aan Zee Zuidholland Netherlands
Pay for use site 26.60 until 34.60 Euro
open 18.März until 30.September

Motorhome place Vakantiepark Noordduinen

CP ()2221EW Katwijk aan Zee Netherlands
Pay for use site 30.20 until 38.20 Euro
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Katwijk-aan-zee, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Katwijk-aan-zee, Pictures and general information

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    RV sites in the area

    1. Campingplace Camping Duinrell, 2242JP Wassenaar, Duinrell 1
      Camping at Duinrell amusement park.. Admission to the amusement park is included during the stay included in price. (Campingplace)
    2. Campingplace Vakantiepark Koningshof , 2231 Rijnsburg, Elsgeesterweg 8
      The course is under the flight path from Schiphol Airport a bit away from the sea. (Campingplace)
    3. Campingplace Op Hoop van Zegen, 2211 Noordwijkerhout, Westeinde 76
      Camping ' (On Hope of Blessing ")
    4. Wohnmobilstellplatz Leiden, 2314 Leiden, Haagweg 7
      Designated RV sites in the back of the car park.. Camping prohibited @ included in the price a shuttle bus into the city, self service machine for coffee @ Th ... (Real motorhome parking)
    5. Campingplace Camping De Duinpan, 2204AS Noordwijk, Dzindamseweg 16
      Acsi-Card 15 € @ well equipped campsite with clean sanitation.. Forest location, on dunes.. the beach is about 1km away from the square, with an internati ... (Campingplace)
    6. Campingplace Camping de Carlton, 2204AN Noordwijkerhout, Kraaierslaan 13
      Very nice and well-kept place, the sea by bicycle easily accessible (Campingplace)
    7. Campingplace Camping Duinhorst, 2244 Wassenaar, Buurtweg 135
      Camping in the triangle Wassenaar - The Hague -. Scheveningen @ The centers of The Hague and Scheveningen are 4 Km from the campsite 20ct @ hot water, shower 50ct coin. (Campingplace)
    8. Campingplace Camping de Wulp, 2204 Noordwijk, Kraaierslaan 30
      There are walkways on lawns, which are assigned to both mobile homes as well as caravans or tents.. The area is very well maintained.. A shop and bread servi ... (Campingplace)
    9. Campingplace Camping Le Parage , 2204 Noordwijkerhout, Langevelderlaan 43
      Camping 1km from the sea. Prices see HomepageIm April Flower Parade 2010 from 23 to 25, at 23 Illuminated by 21 clock of Noordwikerhout to Noordwijk, on 24 by 9 ... (Campingplace)

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    Katwijk-aan-zee, Sights and other pois
    000.15 km church
    Kirche:2225DS Katwijk,Zuidstraat:Nieuwe Kerk
    000.26 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Katwijk
    000.53 km restaurantrestaurant
    001.48 km supermarket
    001.65 km webcam
    002.08 km nature park
    niederlande,De Pan van Persijn
    002.08 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Space Expo Noordwijk
    002.43 km supermarket
    002.69 km nature park
    002.79 km fuelstationfuelstation
    003.02 km fuelstationfuelstation
    003.04 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Europäisches Weltraumforschungs- und Technologiezentrum
    003.43 km fuelstationfuelstation
    004.15 km fuelstation
    004.38 km wikipedia
    Südholland, Rijnsburg
    004.43 km wikipedia
    Südholland, Valkenburg (Südholland)
    004.53 km port
    004.57 km fuelstationfuelstation
    004.89 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Rijnsburg
    005.3 km nature park
    niederlande,Boswachterij Wassenaar
    005.66 km supermarket
    sonstiges:2201 XA Noordwijk,Bonnikeplein 2A:Albert Heijn
    005.79 km restaurant
    McDonalds Noordwijk
    005.94 km webcam
    Niederlande,Noordwijk / Niederlande / Livecam mit Blick auf den Strand
    006.01 km supermarket
    Aldi Wassenaar Hofcampweg 296 - 298
    006.03 km nature park
    006.03 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Wassenaar
    006.7 km nature park
    006.8 km nature park
    006.88 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Noordwijk
    006.96 km nature park
    007.02 km fuelstationfuelstation
    007.07 km restaurant
    McDonalds Leiden A44
    007.3 km supermarketsupermarket
    007.65 km nature park
    007.78 km fuelstationfuelstation
    008.54 km wikipedia
    Südholland, Oegstgeest
    008.64 km supermarketsupermarket
    008.87 km  means of transport
    Station De Vink
    009.27 km nature park
    niederlande,Nieuw Leeuwenhorst
    009.3 km  means of transport
    Station Voorschoten
    009.3 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Naturalis
    009.37 km nature park
    010.03 km supermarket
    Aldi Voorschoten Schoolstraat 6
    010.44 km wikipedia
    Niederlande, Voorschoten
    010.55 km nature park

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