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Motorhome place Vakantiepark Koningshof

CP ()2231 Rijnsburg Zuidholland Netherlands
Pay for use site 31.20 until 38.70 Euro
open 18.März until 31.Oktober

Rijnsburg, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Rijnsburg, Pictures and general information

  • Leiden is located in the Dutch province of South Holland and has 118,000 inhabitants.. It is the oldest university town in the Netherlands and birthplace of Rembrandt..


    * 11th cent.. first settlements
    * in the 13th and 14th century. economic upswing through the wool trade with England and Flanders
    * 1266 municipal law, awarded by Count Floris
    * in the 15th century.. economic downturn by the so-called hook and cod war, a civil war in the eighty-year war «1568-1648, liberation from the Spaniards» Leiden is freed on 3 October 1574 by the Spaniards.. In their camp you will find a carrot stew «Hutspot», which was only right for the starving population.. For this historic occasion, this dish is served every year on 3 October in Leiden..
    The city proved courageous in the fight against the occupiers and was given the first university in the country by William of Orange.
    * As a result of the liberation, many Protestants fled to Leiden from the Spanish-occupied cities of Brussels and Antwerp, between 1575 and 1650 several extensions to houses and city fortifications were made..
    Also in this period are great cultural and economic developments, including the work of Rembrandt and his students, or discoveries by scientists such as Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, to whom one attributes the discovery of bacteria..
    * after 1700 again decline, only the university still has the reputation of the best in the country, in which also study the members of the royal family..
    * 12. 1. 1807 Explosion of a ship by gunpowder.. 2000 people are injured, 150 killed and 220 houses razed to the ground..

    General information

    Like so many cities in the Netherlands, water is also permeated by suffering and characterizes the streetscape, which is defined by the rivers Oude and Nieuwe Rijn and many canals..
    In addition, smaller rivers, canals and waterways such as ´de Zijl´, the Haarlemmertrekvaart and the Trekvliet traverse the city and recreational areas on the outskirts..

    The University

    Leiden´s famous university, Rapenburg 70, founded in 1575, is the oldest university in the Netherlands and consists of many faculties and institutions, as well as other businesses affiliated with it , such as. B.
    * the University Library
    * the Leiden Observatory
    * the University Hospital Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum..

    Other educational institutions besides Leiden include:

    Leiden University
    Webster University
    ROC Leiden
    Musical Instrument Makers School
    Driestar-Bonaventura and Da Vinci College

    The university´s main building is located on one of the most famous canals in Holland, the Rapenburg, and was originally a monastery church..



    * The Rijksmuseum fur Volkerkunde «Rijksmuseum völk Volkerkunde», Steenstraat 3-15
    * The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Rapenburg 28, Museum of Archeology, with a temple, a gift from Egyptian President Nasser in 1960
    * the De Lakenhal Municipal Museum «"The Gewandhaus"» modern art and collection of paintings from 1600-1900, Oude Singel 28/32
    * the Museum of Natural History Naturalis, Collection of extinct species, University of Leiden 22
    * the Botanical Garden «Hortus Botanicus, exists for 400 years» Caroluus Clusius planted here the first tulips on Dutch soil, Rapenburg 73
    * the Sieboldhaus, at the Rapenburg.. dedicated to Japanese culture


    * Pieterskerk «St. Petrikirche», Pieterskerkhof 1a, although construction began in the 12th century, but dates mostly from the 16th century.. Tomb of famous Dutch people, used for promotions or special celebrations by the university as an assembly hall..
    * Protestant churches such as. B. the parish church, student church, apostolic church, Christian Reformed Church, Protestant community, Protestant-Lutheran parish, etc.
    * Catholic churches such.. B. Maria Zetel of Wijsheid, Nieuwstraat / Middelweg 2 «Roman Catholic, Lam Gods parish, Boshuizerlaan 13 «Roman Catholic», Parochie van de H. Lodewijk, Steenschuur 19 «Roman Catholic», Parish of St. Peter, Lammenschansweg 40a , «Roman Catholic», Parish OLV Hemelvaart en Sint Joseph, Herensingel 3, «Roman Catholic», RK vicariaat Merenwijk, Watermolen 1, «Roman Catholic», Parochie van de Saint Fredericus en Odulfus, Cronesteinkade 2, «Old Catholic Church »


    * Hofjes ... you have to imagine, like the Fugger houses in Augsburg, for example, created from simple workers´ settlements of the industrial age, today these small, Homes built in groups, preferably inhabited by students or nurses, have their very own flair, mostly arranged around a well or herb garden and are all listed buildings.
    * The bay is artificially raised in the summer for events. Old hill from the 11th century.. which provides a good overview of the city center
    * Interesting a few old houses, the 2 remaining city gates and a windmill
    * the Muurgiedichte, so-called wall poems, by poets from around the world from 1992 to 2011 as part of a Project on house walls in the city center
    They are written in the author´s own language and partly decorated with pictures.
    * The polder park Cronesteyn, Vlietweg2, was built on the site of the today destroyed castle Cronesteyn.. It has various cultural landscapes and a forest, as well as a visitor center and a campground


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RV sites in the area

  1. Wohnmobilstellplatz Leiden, 2314 Leiden, Haagweg 7
    Designated RV sites in the back of the car park.. Camping prohibited @ included in the price a shuttle bus into the city, self service machine for coffee @ Th ... (Real motorhome parking)
  2. Campingplace Vakantiepark Noordduinen, 2221EW Katwijk aan Zee, Campingweg 1
    Accepted ACSI Card (green), ADAC Camp Card.. The place is just across the dunes from the sea and it is located on the outskirts.. There are TV connections av ... (Campingplace)
  3. Campingplace Op Hoop van Zegen, 2211 Noordwijkerhout, Westeinde 76
    Camping ' (On Hope of Blessing ")
  4. Campingplace Camping De Duinpan, 2204AS Noordwijk, Dzindamseweg 16
    Acsi-Card 15 € @ well equipped campsite with clean sanitation.. Forest location, on dunes.. the beach is about 1km away from the square, with an internati ... (Campingplace)
  5. Campingplace Recreatiecentrum De Zuidduinen, 2225 Katwijk aan Zee, Zuidduinseweg 1
    CP is behind the dunes by the sea. @ To City is 500 meters (Campingplace)
  6. Campingplace Camping de Carlton, 2204AN Noordwijkerhout, Kraaierslaan 13
    Very nice and well-kept place, the sea by bicycle easily accessible (Campingplace)
  7. Campingplace Camping de Wulp, 2204 Noordwijk, Kraaierslaan 30
    There are walkways on lawns, which are assigned to both mobile homes as well as caravans or tents.. The area is very well maintained.. A shop and bread servi ... (Campingplace)
  8. Wohnmobilstellplatz Leiden, 2314AZ Leiden, Besjeslaan 3a
    Parking space for mobile homes on private land, price variable as per meter is billed.. 1Euro per meter (Real motorhome parking)
  9. Campingplace Camping Duinrell, 2242JP Wassenaar, Duinrell 1
    Camping at Duinrell amusement park.. Admission to the amusement park is included during the stay included in price. (Campingplace)

Event near the camperplace

Rijnsburg, Sights and other pois
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