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Lonborg, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Lonborg, Pictures and general information

  • Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with over 272,000 inhabitants.. The city was founded in 1070 as Björgvin, mountain meadow.. As early as 1360, a Hansekontor, Tyske Bryggen, opened here.. In January 1916, a major fire raged and destroyed many of the old wooden houses..

    Worth seeing and visiting sin

    Bryggen Hanseatic League, German German Bridge, with its 300 wooden houses

    20434  1717385  1717388  1717389 
    Right on the harbor of Bergen..

    Hanseatic Museum and Schötstuben, Bryggen / Finnegardsgatan

    20437  20438 

    The History of the German Hanseatic League in Bergen

    Berg Floyen 320m
    The Funicular Floybahn, Vetridsallmenningen / Ovregaten

    Fish Market

    20431  20432 

    Bergenhus Fortress with the coronation hall Hakonshalle, Festningskaien
    The oldest parts date from the 12th century, the latest from the second world war..

    Fantoft Stave Church , Birkelundsbakken
    It was destroyed by an arson attack in 1992 and rebuilt a year later..

    Bergen Domkirke , Kong Oscars gate
    The Romanesque church was built in 1150 and was extensively renovated in 1880.

    St. Mary´s Church , Dreggsallmenningen 15
    The Romanesque basilica was built in 1130 and is the cathedral of Spyer modeled..

    Gamle-Bergen , Elsesro 4

    1717397  1717398  1717399 
    About 300 old residential and commercial buildings illustrate life in the 17th century. to the 19th century.

    Bergen Museum, Museplassen
    Museum of Natural History, Botanical Garden

    Bergen Ship Museum , Dokkeveien
    The history of shipping from the oldest times to the present

    Sandviken district

    Ulriken mountain , 643m,
    Is the highest of the 7 mountains around Bergen.. To reach with the Ulriksbanen, cable car with closed gondolas..
    Valley station: Haukelandsbakken

    picturesque peninsula Nordnes
    Hardangerfjord with waterfall Steinsdalsfossen

    {«Norwegen»: Bergen online information


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RV sites in the area

  1. Motorhome place Caravan Bergen, 5109 Bergen, Hylkjeflaten 16
    The Entsorgungssation is about 50 m behind the Caravan Dealers (Water- and Dumpstation only)
  2. Motorhome place Bergenshallen, 5081 Bergen, Vilhelm Bjerknes vei 24
    Caravan Park at a sports hall, a few kilometers from Bergen. @ 10 minutes by tram to the center. @ Power supply for all courses. (Real motorhome parking)
  3. Campingplace Bergen Camping Park AS, 5111 Bergen, Nordre Buras 26
    Campsite with good bus connection to Bergen. @ Rural area. @ 10 km to Bergen. @ Washer and dryer included in the price (Campingplace)
  4. Campingplace Grimen Camping, 5226 Nesttun, Bergen, Hardangerveien 265
    Ideal place to visit Bergen (Campingplace)
  5. Campingplace Bratland Camping, 5268 Bergen, Brattlandsvegen 6
    Very nice campground on a lake.. Although the trunk road 580 leads close to place over the night recedes the not-too-heavy traffic. @ The pitches are almost a ... (Campingplace)
  6. Motorhome place, 5244 Bergen-Krokeide, Krokeidevegen 161
    About 20 km outside of Bergen Krokeide located in the district, a small parking lot at the swimming pool. (Overnight Parking lot)
  7. Campingplace Lone Camping AS, 5268 Haukeland, Hardangervegen 697
    Located on a small lake, @ bus stop to ride to Bergen in front of the place (Campingplace)
  8. Wohnmobilparkplatz P+R Arna, 5261 Bergen, Lakslia15
    Parking directly at the railway station Arna, 15 minutes by train to Bergen for 3.50 euros every 30 minutes. Next to the church and the cemetery. (Overnight Parking lot)

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Lonborg, Sights and other pois
001.55 km supermarket
Spar:5039 Bergen,Helleveien 141:SPAR Eikeviken Lebensmittelgeschäft
001.68 km Waterspprts
002.45 km  bay
002.53 km Waterspprts
002.62 km supermarketsupermarket
002.81 km supermarket
Spar:5038 Bergen,Øyjordsveien 1:SPAR Øyjorden
002.96 km sea
003.67 km museum
Stadtmuseum:5042 Bergen,Elsesro 4:Museum Altbergen
004.14 km sea
004.41 km  Landscape
004.48 km Waterspprts
004.59 km  Landscape
004.62 km sea
004.65 km supermarketsupermarket
004.74 km  wikiInfoText:
Norwegen, Bergen

004.79 km doctor
005 km  bay
005.06 km supermarketsupermarket
005.11 km  means of transport
005.14 km  bay
005.18 km  bay
005.27 km fuelstationfuelstation
005.33 km supermarketsupermarket
005.41 km  athletic fields
005.51 km wikipedia
Hordaland, Festung Bergenhus
005.57 km sea
005.74 km sea
005.82 km  means of transport
Fähre Snarveien nach Snarveien
006 km supermarketsupermarket
006.02 km fuelstation
Esso:Carl Konows gate 5:|Bezeichnung|
006.05 km church
Kirche:5003 Bergen,Dreggsallmenningen 15:Marienkirche
006.06 km  Alpine
006.08 km wikipedia
Norwegen, Marienkirche (Bergen)
006.13 km tourist spot
Bauwerk:5003 Bergen, Bergenhus,Torget:Altstadt von Bergen
006.15 km supermarketsupermarket
006.18 km wikipedia
Norwegen, Bryggen
006.22 km tourist spot
Bauwerk:5003 Bergen,Svensgården 1:Hansekontor Bryggen, Bergen
006.25 km wikipedia
Norwegen, Den Nationale Scene
006.26 km sea
006.39 km Shop
Fischladen:5013 Bergen,Strandkaien 1:Fischhalle Bergen
006.4 km Waterspprts
006.47 km infoinfo
006.51 km tourist spot
Bauwerk:5017 Bergen, Bergenhus,Torget:Hanseatic Museum
006.52 km tourist spot
Marktplatz:5017 Bergen, Bergenhus,Torget:Fischmarkt
006.57 km fuelstation
Esso:Florvågvegen 1:|Bezeichnung|
006.58 km  Landscape
006.78 km  means of transport
Fähre Snarveien nach Snarveien
006.83 km supermarketsupermarket
006.97 km fuelstation
Esso:Klampavikvegen 4A:|Bezeichnung|
007.27 km sea
007.56 km  Alpine

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