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PN ()6215 Skocjan Slovenia
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Skocjan, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Skocjan, Pictures and general information

  • The Å kocjan Caves are a natural monument in Slovenia included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.. The caves are a unique natural phenomenon created by the Reka.. The Reka springs 55 km away, at the foot of Snežnik.. When she reaches the Karst landscape of Kras she disappears after a 4 km long gorge, which ends in a mighty wall, into the underground.. Above the caves, between the wall above the Ponor and the walls of the Mala dolina lies the village Å kocjan..
    The guided tour will be offered at the information center and the cave guide will walk through the artificial passage in the Globocak doline.. Then you can walk through the quiet silence cave (Tiha jama).. At the exit you come to the underground canyon.. Then you come across the Cerkvenik bridge, which stretches 50 meters above the riverbed..
    However, one can also experience the park on the Å kocjan circuit trail, which leads around the two collapsed dolomites of Velika and Mala dolina, as well as through the villages of Betajna, Å kocjan and Matavun.. The path can be led or alone.. Start is here also the information center.. There is also a museum in Å kocjan to see about the rich cultural and natural heritage of the area..
    More information at: https: // www.. park-Skocjanske-jame.. si / en / content / tourist-information / tours


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Skocjan, Sights and other pois

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