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Motorhome place Ribamontán al Monte A8, Autovía del Cantábrico
3.5 Sterne von maximal 6 aus 8 Bewertungen.
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motorhome parking: Wohnmobilstellplatz Ribamontán al Monte

  SP (1365378) Rest stop on the A8 motorway, direction Bilbao, at km 189.5 @ In addition to the supply and disposal plant some parking spaces for caravans and motorhomes teams are reserved.. Here you could spend the night, but there is a marked difference, and generally motorway courses are not highly recommended. @ There is a video-monitored picnic area. @ Highway
Last updated on 2019-04-30

Parking for motorhomes

Spanien, Kantabrien, 39794 Ribamontán al Monte
Street:A8, Autovía del Cantábrico
Number of places:10
MeinwomoID 1365378
Environment:surroundings ok
last visit message: 04/2019
available:from: .Januar until: .Dezember

Price : without charge

  W M S E N wc H
water:Water without charge
Dumpstation:No fee dump
Stream:No electricity available
Garbage:dustbin available
Dogs:Dogs allowed

Directions and coordinates

  A8, direction Bilbao, at km 189.5

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diefrauvomhasen | 2018-11 | Due to the unhygenic camperservice station, the water was declared as no drinking water.
goncho | 2017-11 | In November 2017, the disposal station was reasonably clean.. Water also ran, but can only be removed with a jug.. Toilets and the place are ok.
hlatzel | 2017-10 | The supply, disposal has probably not been cleaned for two years!. Anyway, in october 2017, the condition was still acute as described by palstek.. The drain has such a side slope that, if you do not place the hose directly above the bottom inlet, the whole broth runs on the road.. The lattice of the cassette disposal was zupflogenet with 30cm Schxxxxe.. Water did not work anymore.
diefrauvomhasen | 2017-05 | Caravan site Ribamontán al Monte
palstek | 2016-07 | Cassette disposal by design nauseating.. Freshwater runs unusable slow tap with pushbutton and without thread.
palstek | 2016-07 | Yet to find the grossest disposal that I´ve ever seen by far the smell.. The whole stuff has to be tilted to a grid successfully all solid components restrains ... But the memory turns my stomach.. The Drinking Water only as thin trickle, but the bottom intake for greywater is useful if you can stand the smell of the plant.
womo66 | 2013-10 | Beautifully landscaped, for Womos signposted Place
Who has no problem with highways, can stay here.. The complete course is at least visually video surveillance
haraldm | 2012-09 | | | Rest stops in both directions | | water runs very slowly, practically useless
pgunthe | 2011-07 | | | Highway parking without surveillance.

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