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Motorhome place campsite A Vouga.

CP ()15291 Louro / Galicia Galicia Spain
Pay for use site
open 1.März until 31.Oktober

Motorhome place campsite San Francisco

CP ()15291 Louro/Muros Galicia Spain
Pay for use site 22.80 until 29 Euro
open 19.Juni until 8.September

Louro, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Louro, Pictures and general information

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    1. Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz Hafengelände von Muros, 15250 Muros, AC-550 36
      It is a usual car park at the fishing port.. Accordingly worked there constantly.. To stay rather unsuitable.. However Ideally suited to short-term parking to visit Muros (daily parking area for sightseeing)
    2. Motorhome place Playa de Areeiro, 15293 Carnota, Lugar Teixoeira 12
      A path close to the sandy beach along with good opportunities to stand overnight.. No power except cold water showers. (Overnight Parking lot)
    3. Campingplace, 15970 Noal/Porto do Son, Playa Cabeiro 35
      Camping NAM Cabeiro (Campingplace)
    4. Motorhome place, 15295 Carnota
      behind the sports field is an official supply and waste disposal facilities for motorhomes. (Real motorhome parking)
    5. Motorhome place, 15293 Carnota, Cee - Ribeira
      Sheltered meadow park shortly before the insert.. Places will be on one side of passenger cars, on the other side vonWoMo´s genützt.Die on the Satelite remain ... (Overnight Parking lot)
    6. Motorhome place Playa de Queiruga bei Santa Lucia, 15998 Queiruga, Aldea Tarrío 82
      20 km south of Noia, in turn Queiruga right to the beach. (Overnight Parking lot)
    7. Motorhome place, 15995 Porto do Son, Aldea o Carrapatal
      Sheltered parking strip along a road.. Between the parking and the beach there is a pine forest with Picnicgarnituren and Grillstellen.Tagsüber of surfers is heavily visited, quiet at night. (Overnight Parking lot)
    8. Motorhome place, 15995 Porto do Son, Lugar Trasdoanes 1
      Parking on the rocks of the beautiful Praia das Furnas.. The place is rather obliquely and at least two higher wedges are necessary to bring the motorhome in ... (Overnight Parking lot)
    9. Campingplace Fraga Balada, 15995 Porto do Son, Aldea Trasdoanes 4
      Beautiful campsite, open all year. (Campingplace)

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    Louro, Sights and other pois
    000.51 km  bay
    Playa de San Francisco @
    000.88 km  bay
    Playa de Bouga @
    001.56 km church
    Kapelle:15250 Muros,CP-5303 :Capela do Espíritu Santo
    001.57 km  bay
    Playa de Fogareiro
    001.85 km churchchurch
    002.08 km  bay
    Playa de Prudencia
    002.11 km Shop
    Fischladen:15250 Muros,Rúa Rosalía de Castro 7:Fischauktionshalle
    002.25 km  bay
    Playa da Virxe @
    002.39 km lighthouselighthouse
    002.55 km fuelstation
    Repsol:Muros, Carretera Serres 115:|Bezeichnung|
    002.56 km  Alpine
    Monte Louro
    002.75 km lighthouselighthouse
    002.75 km tourist spot
    Leuchtturm:15291 Muros,Camino Faro Monte Louro:Leuchturm
    002.79 km supermarket
    sonstiges:15259 Muros,Carretera Serres 115:Eroski center
    002.83 km sea
    Lago des Xarfas
    002.95 km Waterpark
    Piscina Municipal Muros,15259 Muros,Carretera Serres 146-156
    003.04 km  bay
    Playa de Bornalle
    003.05 km fuelstationfuelstation
    003.21 km  bay
    Playa de Louro o de Area Longa
    003.57 km wikipedia
    004.26 km  Alpine
    Monte del Cabezo
    004.87 km  bay
    Playa de Ancorandoiro @
    004.98 km lighthouselighthouse
    005.44 km  bay
    Playa de Larino
    006.2 km  bay
    Playa de Abelleira
    006.39 km tourist spottourist spot
    006.43 km lighthouselighthouse
    006.47 km  bay
    Playa de Porto des Botes
    006.67 km  bay
    Playa de Linares
    006.8 km  bay
    Playa Cirqueiros
    006.95 km  bay
    Playa de Salgueiro
    006.97 km fuelstation
    Cepsa:Cee - Ribeira:|Bezeichnung|
    006.99 km  bay
    Playa Suresco
    007.04 km  bay
    Playa de Bornalie
    007.05 km  bay
    Playa de Coido
    007.09 km  bay
    Playa de Arruxo @
    007.24 km tourist spot
    Bauwerk:15293 Vilar,Rúa Santa Comba :Hórreo von Carnota
    007.25 km church
    Kirche:15293 Vilar,Rúa Santa Comba :Kirche de San Mamede
    007.34 km  bay
    Playa Aldason
    007.68 km  bay
    Playa Area de Medio
    007.69 km  bay
    Playa Susinos
    007.72 km Other
    007.83 km  bay
    Playa de Cons
    007.97 km  bay
    Playa de Cabanas
    008 km church
    Kirche:15290 Tal de Arriba,AC-550 :Kirche Santiago de Tal bei Muros
    008.08 km  bay
    Playa de Carnota
    008.16 km  bay
    Playa Ardeleira
    008.3 km  bay
    Playa de Fonforron
    008.33 km  bay
    Playa de Xaxebe
    008.35 km  bay
    Playa de Raimundo

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