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Motorhome place

SP ()33111 San Martín de Teverga Asturias Spain
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

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    RV sites in the area

    1. Wohnmobilstellplatz Recreativa La Pumariega, 33111 Entrago, Aparcamiento Senda del Oso
      Parking space at the footpath and bike path´Senda del Oso´.. There is a bicycle rental right next to the place, and a sanitary building with toilets, a shower ... (Real motorhome parking)
    2. Wohnmobilstellplatz de Bárzana-Quirós, 33117 Bárzana, El Felgueru
      Pitch next to the Polideportivo sports facilities.. Camping style is strictly prohibited. @ Nearby is the Senda del Oso trail. (Real motorhome parking)
    3. Motorhome place, 33114 Proaza
      Parking at " (Casa del Oso")
    4. Campingplace Camping la Pomarada de Somiedo, 33840 Pola de Somiedo, C/Florez Estrada, s/n
      Approx.. 6x6 meter markings.. Most of the places has no view of the water only the first eight.. (N36 ° 41´46, W2 ° 47´39), where there is also another park ... (Campingplace)
    5. Motorhome place Recinto Ferial, 33840 Pola de Somiedo, Calle Alvarez
      To stay on the general parking in front of the exhibition halls. (Overnight Parking lot)
    6. Wohnmobilstellplatz Cafeteria El Moriscal., 24143 Huergas de Babia, Camino Riolago
      Private parking space next to the bar / cafeteria El Moriscal. (Real motorhome parking)
    7. Motorhome place Mirador del Angliru, 33160 Riosa-Viapará, Pinar de Porció
      Private RV parking space in a mountain hut. (Real motorhome parking)
    8. Motorhome place Area de Grado, 33820 Grado, Avda. de los Deportes 10
      Parking at the bus station, municipal swimming pool at 200m, gas station at 300m. (Real motorhome parking)
    9. Motorhome place Parkplatz Lillo, 33012 Oviédo, Av de los monumentos
      large parking lot with stunning views of Oviedo, also for buses pre-Romanesque churches @ @ bus stop at the parking lot.. Therefore well suited for visiting Oviedo. (Overnight Parking lot)
    10. Motorhome place Monumento corazon de Jesus, 33002 Oviedo, Av. de los Monumentos
      Parking space at the restaurant RIAS BAIXAS @ The place is not particularly suitable for overnight, since it is a slope situation @ (Overnight Parking lot)