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motorhome places Cureglia Switzerland

Motorhome place campsite Moretto

CP ()6944 Cureglia Switzerland
Pay for use site 29.50 until 32.20 Euro
open 15.März until 1.November

Motorhome place campsite Moretto

CA ()6944 Cureglia Switzerland
Pay for use site 27.20 Euro
open 15.März until 1.November

Cureglia, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Cureglia, Pictures and general information

  • The Lago di Lugano, d. Lake Lugano, is one of the famous upper Italian lakes.. It belongs to Switzerland, to the fashionable canton of Ticino, as well as to Italian Lombardy..
    Covering an area of ​​about 49 sq km, it has a maximum depth of 288m and is 270m above sea level..
    The Swiss share is about 31 sq km, the Italian 18 sq km..

    The most famous town on the lake is certainly Lugano, after which the lake takes its name..
    Lugano is exquisite and expensive, as can easily be seen from the elegant shops under the arcades of Piazza Reforma or Via Nassa..

    Architecturally, the city reflects both northern Italian charm and flair, but shows its importance as the third-largest financial center in Switzerland in newer concrete buildings..
    South, approximately in the middle of the lake, you can cross the lake via the dam of Melide via the motorway..

    The lake has a peculiar tip shape created by the coincidence of two glaciers after the Ice Age.. This form also gave him the nickname Ceresio, "the Horned"..

    On one of the corners is the Italian enclave Campione d´Italia with the casino.. Here is a peculiarity: the Italian share at the end of the lake, of course, like Italy, is part of the EU Customs.. This corner with the enclave and the small part between Ponte Tresa and Porto Ceresio but NOT..

    striking and popular panoramic mountains can be found on the shores of Lake Lugano, such as:
    * the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio 1100m, in the south
    * Monte Brè 927m in the east
    * Monte San Salvatore 910m to the west
    * Monte Generoso 1071m to the south east
    * from the Sighignola, the 1302 m high "Italian balcony" on the Italian / Swiss border, you have a breathtaking view of the lake..

    Some artists lived on the lake, such as Hermann Hesse, who lived and worked in Lugano until his death in Montagnola.

  • The town with its 63,000 inhabitants is located on Lake Lugano, Lago di Lugano, in the Swiss canton of Ticino..


    Worth seeing sin

    Parco Civico, Viale Carlo Cattaneo,
    with Villa Ciani and lush southern vegetation..

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    The beach promenade to Paradiso

    The local mountains of Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bré, on the one Funicular railway leads..
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    San Lorenzo Cathedral, Via degli Amadio
    The building, with its magnificent Renaissance façade, was first mentioned in 875..

    The parish church of Santa Maria, digli Angioli
    The frescoes, the depictions of the crucifixion of Christ, the Lord´s Supper and the Mother of God with the child deserve special mention..

    San Rocco Church, Piazzetta san Rocco

    The Basilica del Sacro Cuore, Via Carlo Fashiono

    The Parish Church of the Cristo Risorto,

    The Church of Santa Maria di Loreto

    The Fountain in Piazza Alessandro Manzoni

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    The Museums

    Lugano Art and Culture Museum Lugano Arte e Cultura
    Museo d´Arte Lugano and Villa Malpensata
    Museum of Civilizations, Museo delle Culture, Vio Cortivo
    Cantonal Art Museum, Museo Cantonale d´arte
    Cantonal Natural History Museum, Museo Cantale di Storia Naturale
    Swiss Customs Museum, Museo Doganale svizzero
    Bilioteca Salita dei Frati
    Cemetery Center
    Cantonal Library
    La Piccionaia
    Pallazzo civico
    Palazzo e cinema Corso
    Palazzo Riva, Via Francesco Soave 9
    Palazzo Riva di Santa Margherita, Via Pretorio 7
    Palazzo Riva «Banca della Svizzera Italiana», Via Massimiliano Magatti 2
    Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana
    Swiss National Sound Archives, Via. Soldino 9
    Villa Favorita and Park

    The famous market takes place every Tuesday and Friday from 7:00 to 12:00 in Piazza Riforma.


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Cureglia, Sights and other pois

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