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motorhome places Neuhausen Switzerland

Motorhome place campsite Rheinwiese

CP ()8246 Langwiesen Switzerland
Pay for use site 26.70 until 32.50 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place P4

SP ()8212 Neuhausen Switzerland
Pay for use site 20 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Burgunwiese

PN ()8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall Switzerland
Pay for use site 3 Euro
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Neuhausen, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Neuhausen, Pictures and general information

  • Always on the first weekend of November, pumpkin lighting takes place in the small village of Rudolfingen.. The event has meanwhile gained supraregional interest.. On two days the village appears illuminated only with pumpkins.. A unique spectacle with beautiful carved pumpkins.. There are different broom farms and it´s always about the pumpkin.. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread etc. Everything is offered for sale which has to do with pumpkins.. The whole event has a Gechicht 1997 the village shop should be closed.. The inhabitants of Rudolfingen wanted to prevent this.. They founded a shop association.. With the membership fees the shop could not be held alone.. That is how the pumpkin festival came about.. The whole village carved and decorated pumpkins and let the old wine village light up.. With the revenues of the various broom stews and stalls, a shop closure was successfully avoided.


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Neuhausen, Sights and other pois

000.09 km wikipediawikipedia
001.33 km museummuseum
001.34 km  means of transport means of transport
001.36 km wikipediawikipedia
001.4 km infoinfo
001.45 km wikipediawikipedia
001.47 km museummuseum
001.52 km  thoroughfares thoroughfares
001.55 km churchchurch
001.56 km wikipediawikipedia
001.58 km supermarketsupermarket
001.58 km wikipediawikipedia
001.61 km museummuseum
001.62 km wikipediawikipedia
001.65 km churchchurch
001.65 km restaurantrestaurant
001.66 km bankbank
001.67 km doctordoctor
001.7 km  means of transport means of transport
001.71 km  Landscape Landscape
001.71 km tourist spottourist spot
001.72 km castlecastle
001.72 km restaurantrestaurant
001.72 km tourist spottourist spot
001.75 km restaurantrestaurant
001.8 km  means of transport means of transport
001.87 km fuelstationfuelstation
001.92 km wikipediawikipedia
001.93 km fuelstationfuelstation
001.93 km wikipediawikipedia
001.94 km castlecastle
001.99 km  Alpine Alpine
001.99 km wikipediawikipedia
002 km tourist spottourist spot
002.03 km infoinfo
002.05 km  means of transport means of transport
002.07 km wikipediawikipedia
002.14 km  means of transport means of transport
002.18 km  athletic fields athletic fields
002.18 km fuelstationfuelstation
002.27 km wikipediawikipedia
002.39 km supermarketsupermarket
002.47 km  means of transport means of transport
002.66 km  thoroughfares thoroughfares
002.73 km supermarketsupermarket
002.76 km WaterparkWaterpark
003.03 km sportstaettesportstaette
003.19 km seasea
003.32 km WaterparkWaterpark
003.95 km  Landscape Landscape

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