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Motorhome place campsite Gäsi

CP ()8872 Weesen Switzerland
Pay for use site 29 until 34 Euro
open 22.März until 21.Oktober

Motorhome place Weesen, Höfenstrasse, Speerparkplatz

PN ()8872 Weesen Switzerland
without charge 4.50 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Wohnmobilparkplatz Weesen-Bethlis

PN ()8872 Weesen-Betlis Switzerland
Pay for use site 29.60 Euro
open April until Oktober

Weesen, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Weesen, Pictures and general information

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    RV sites in the area

    1. Motorhome place Bahnhof Weesen, 8872 Mollis, Bahnhof Weesen
      Paid parking at Weesen station, near freeway access.. Not particularly quiet, but convenient to transit (Zurich - San Bernardino) or for a train ride to Zuric ... (Overnight Parking lot)
    2. Motorhome place Kirchplatz/Parkplatz, 9652 Nesslau-Krummenau, Johanneumstrasse 1
      Parking lot belonging to the monastery church (1640). (Overnight Parking lot)
    3. Motorhome place, 8716 Schmerikon, Aabachstrasse
      secluded parking lot with indoor and outdoor pools, lovely walks directly from the site, drawn Park fields, therefore less suitable for larger Womos (Overnight Parking lot)
    4. Campingplace Camping Thur, 9656 Alt St. Johann, Ochsenwis
      Small campsite opposite the Sellamatt mountain railway. @ Logging in to the box office of the cable car valley station.. (Visibility over the river) @ Direct from the cable car and ski. (Campingplace)
    5. Campingplace See-Camping Bürer, 8880 Walenstadt, Walenseestrasse
      Open from 29.03. (Campingplace)
    6. Motorhome place Parkplatz am Freibad, 8880 Walenstadt, Kasernenstrasse
      Large parking lot right on the lake, also to stay (Overnight Parking lot)
    7. Campingplace Camping Vorauen, 8750 Glarus, Hinten am See
      The site is located at Klöntalersee.. Very quiet area.. Hiking, swimming, fishing or biking possible.. Children´s playground and fireplaces for grilling available. (Campingplace)
    8. Motorhome place Hotel Restaurant zur Post, 9657 Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann, Dorfstr. 16
      With consumption of min.. 38, - € the parking is free, the tourist tax is however calculated.. Water is available only in summer. (Real motorhome parking)
    9. Motorhome place Waldparkplatz Laui, 9658 Alt Sankt Johann
      Ein sehr schöner, schattiger, absolut ruhiger, ebener an einem Bach liegender Waldparkplatz. Feuerstellen, Sitzgelegenheiten, ein portables Toilettenhäusschen, ... (Overnight Parking lot)
    10. Motorhome place Parkplatz Braunwaldbahn, 8783 Glarus Süd, Saasbergblock
      Place without further equipment at the base station to Braunwaldbahn (Real motorhome parking)
    11. Motorhome place Parkplatz Schwägalp, 9107 Urnäsch Säntis.Schwägalp, Schwägalp 685
      Very nice car park, at about 1500 m altitude directly BEHIND the hotel. Many of marked hiking and walking tours. (Overnight Parking lot)
    12. Motorhome place, 8498 Hinwil, Gibswil-Ried, Eggstrasse 106-108
      TCS hiking car park, located on the Tösstalstrasse. (Overnight Parking lot)

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    Weesen, Sights and other pois
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    Spar:8718 Schänis,Feldstrasse 26:Einkaufzentrum direkt an der A3
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    Schweiz, Netstal

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