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motorhome places Aggsbach Austria

Motorhome place Aggsbach

SP ()3641 Aggsbach Markt Lower Austria Austria
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HRW ()3642 Gemeinde Schönbühel-Aggsbach Dorf Lower Austria Austria
without charge
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Aggsbach, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Aggsbach, Pictures and general information

  • The small village Willendorf in the Wachau became famous, as a farmer in 1908 found the oldest stone sculpture on earth, the "Venus of Willendorf" here.. The approximately 11 cm tall female deity made of limestone is at least 28,000 years old..
    The original is in the Natural History Museum in Vienna and the site is marked with a monument..



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001.06 km TrekkingTrekking
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001.49 km churchchurch
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001.58 km  Alpine Alpine
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001.93 km castlecastle
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