motorhome places Bairisch-koelldorf Austria

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motorhome places Bairisch-koelldorf Austria

Motorhome place campsite im Thermenland

CP ()8344 Bad Gleichenberg Styria Austria
Pay for use site 22.60 Euro
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Bairisch-koelldorf, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Bairisch-koelldorf, Pictures and general information

    Selected sights

    | church
    Pfarrkirche St. Anna
    österreich 8354 Rutschen Gaisruckweg
    The Roman Catholic Church of St. Anna Eigen is located in Eigen in the market town of St. Anna Eigen in Styria. The St. Anna parish church belongs to the diocese of Feldbach in the diocese of Graz-Seekau. The church building is listed.
    | Hiking
    Weinweg der Sinne
    österreich 8354 St. Anna am Aigen
    Outstanding themed trail - the educational wine trail all about Styrian wine in St. Anna am Aigen, in the thermal and volcanic region of Styria.
    | observation tower
    Aussichtswarte Frutten-Gießelsdorf
    Österreich 8354 Sankt Anna am Aigen Grenzlandhofweg
    The tower, built in 1987, is 40 m high. The viewing platform is at a height of 36 m.
    | Bahn
    Gleichenberger Bahn
    österreich 8330 Feldbach
    With historical trains between Feldbach and Bad Gleichenberg
    | recreation park
    Styrassic Park
    österreich 8344 Bad Gleichenberg Vausulzweg

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    General Pois

    | Castle
    Schloss Hainfeld
    Deutschland 8334 Gemeinde Lödersdorf, Lerchenreith, Lerchenreith Leitersdorf im Raabtal
    1275 first mentioned. The von Hainfeld family are first mentioned in 1305 as vassals of the Wildoner. In 1332 the Edelhof came to Ulrich Winkler through marriage. The Winkler family replaced the small moated castle with a Renaissance castle in the second half of the 16th century. His task was to protect Raabtal from Hungarian incursions. The farm was laid out so large that as many farmers in the area as possible could be accommodated in the event of danger.
    | Castle
    Schloß Kapfenstein
    Österreich 8353 Gemeinde Kapfenstein Schlossweg
    The castle was first mentioned in a document in 1065.
    Now it houses a hotel
    | Other
    Österreich 8330 Mühldorf bei Feldbach Mühldorf 300
    Turmoil gas station
    | Shell
    Österreich 8330 Mühldorf bei Feldbach Mühldorf 236
    Shell gas station
    | Castle
    Schloss Bertholdstein
    Österreich 8334 Gemeinde Werfen, Siezenheim B57
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