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PN ()9170 Ferlach Austria
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Motorhome place Ferlach

SP ()9170 Ferlach Carinthia and East Tyrol Austria
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PN ()9170 Ferlach Austria
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Ferlach, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Ferlach, Pictures and general information

  • From the history of Ferlach Castle

    {§§BILD:1205673: L} {§§BILD:1205681: R} In the first half of the 16th century, the building was used as a hall floor by a still unknown client built.. «It could have been the first owner of the Ferlacher Hammerwerke at that time, Thomas, Paul or Georg Tifrer - also Tiffrer.»

    On 06. 09. 1662 the building was built by the tradesman families Huebmershoffen «since 1738 as Acquired from "Silbernagl"» and increased in 1780 by Ignaz Freiherr von Silbernagl in the current form..

    The Silbernagl family owned the castle for 182 years «1692-1874»..

    Because of the money crisis in 1873, the Huebmershoffen family of Silbernagl had to sell the businesses to the tradesman Paul Mühlbacher, as did the castle..

    In 1879, Mühlbacher´s nephew, Gustav Voigt, took part in the works, so the castle became his property in the same year.. The family Voigt stayed for 78 years castle owner, until on 25. 07. 1957 ownership of the "KESTAG" Ferlach passed..

    By municipal council decision of 16. 07. 1991 the municipality Ferlach of one of the successor companies of the KESTAG, the "VOEST ALPINE Steinel" in Linz the lock with means of the federation and the country bought, in order for the citizens Ferlachs, a precious, historic gem with a beautiful natural park.. The adjoining administration building «formerly stables of the Gewerbes Mühlbacher» was purchased by KESTAG-Präzisionswerkzeuge-AG with a GR resolution of 29.09.1991..

    For the Carinthian National Exhibition 1997 "all hunting.. ,. ,. A cultural history ", it was necessary to link the two adjacent existing objects" castle "and" KESTAG - administrative building "by a connecting structure and to supplement the addition of a" Rondeau "with ubiquitous views of the park lowered..

    As part of the re-use of the state exhibition moved the gunsmith museum of the town hall in the castle and was reopened in June 1998 as a gunsmith and hunting museum.. The museum was significantly expanded by the special exhibition "Myth Hunting - Horten Collection" from May 2001..

    Today, in addition to the Gunsmith and Hunting Museum and the special exhibition "Hunting Myth - Collection Horten", the public library, the wedding hall, a coffee house, the office of the Carnica Rosental region, the ordination of a specialist and a care facility for Infants in the castle Ferlach..
    Representative function rooms form a successful unit for events of all kinds.

    COPYRIGHT: The text has been taken from the Municipal site of Ferlach.


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Ferlach, Sights and other pois

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001.06 km restaurantrestaurant
001.12 km supermarketsupermarket
001.12 km supermarketsupermarket
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001.18 km bankbank
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001.18 km restaurantrestaurant
001.18 km fuelstationfuelstation
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001.2 km bankbank
001.22 km ShopShop
001.23 km supermarketsupermarket
001.24 km TrekkingTrekking
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001.28 km  wikiInfoText: wiki
001.29 km churchchurch
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001.33 km doctordoctor
001.46 km serviceservice
001.67 km supermarketsupermarket
001.75 km seasea
001.81 km restaurantrestaurant
001.89 km restaurantrestaurant
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002.23 km museummuseum
002.9 km bankbank
002.99 km garagegarage
003.05 km supermarketsupermarket
003.16 km restaurantrestaurant
003.25 km  means of transport means of transport
003.48 km churchchurch
003.57 km wikipediawikipedia
004.02 km castlecastle
004.95 km restaurantrestaurant
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005.11 km  Alpine Alpine
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