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motorhome places Liezen Austria

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Fa ()8940 Weißenbach/Liezen Austria
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SP ()8940 Liezen Styria Austria
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PN ()8940 Liezen Styria Austria
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Liezen, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Liezen, Pictures and general information

  • Styria is Austria´s second largest federal state with an area of ​​16.401,04 km ² and about 1.2 million inhabitants.. Since over 60% of the area is wooded, Styria is also known as the "Green Heart of Austria ." Graz, the state capital, is the second largest city in Austria.


    Styria is divided into Upper, East and West Styria.

    Upper Styria lies north of the Mur and is separated from the Enns Valley by the Niedere Tauern and divided into three sub-regions.
    Eastern Upper Styria Upper Murtal, Mürztal , Leoben, Bruck / Mur
    Western Upper Styria Upper Mur Valley, Murau
    Ennstal-Ausseerland Liezen, Salzatal, Mariazell

    To reach the Murtal from the Enns Valley to the Murtal, the A9 motorway to cross the Niedere Tauern, the Triebener Straße B114 or the Sölkpassstraße L704 «Winterstop».

    The Niedere Tauern, with its many peaks over 2000m high, characterize the landscape of Upper Styria and are a paradise for hikers and mountaineers the Mögli. to swim or fish..

    1760011  1759899  1760012 

    Along the Mur and Enns, you will find the Mur and Enns Cycle Paths.. These two bike paths are easy to navigate.. For the many mountain bike trails but a lot of condition is required.. The wild salza is especially appreciated by friends of whitewater sports.. A rafting tour through the Palfau conglomerate gorge is the highlight.. Absolutely book on time..

    1759995  1759991  1759992 

    Upper Styria was already a sought-after region in the Middle Ages, so many castles and ruins can be found here.. Castles, pens and museums complete the leisure activities for those interested in culture..

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  • In this MEINWOMO travel book I would like to kidnap you in the northern part of Styria
    the Upper Styria
    .. The enchanting landscape with its imposing mountain ranges and the romantic river valleys attracts more and more visitors to this rather unknown area of ​​Austria..

    The round trip begins in Liezen and we follow the Enns to Stein / Enns to cross the Low Tauern via the Sölkpass.. In the Murtal the cities Murau, Judenburg, Leoben and Bruck / Mur are visited, before we, following the iron road, return again to the valley of the Enns.. Austria´s youngest national park "die Gesäuse" is the last stop of our journey, which ends in Liezen again..

    Nature lovers will find tips for hikes and tours on this varied journey.. Waterfalls and mountain lakes are presented and destinations described..

    Visits to pens, castles and palaces as well as museums also offer a lot of variety for culturally interested people..

    The MeinWomoEbook should not be missing in any camper.. It provides excellent descriptions of parking spaces for the Womo, with complete information on facilities (water / wastewater / electricity / garbage / showers (/ toilets / etc), GPS coordinates, many meaningful images and testimonials from the fund of thousands of MeinWomoUser and of course many well-researched POIs for the sightseeing tour along the route.
    Maps and Navidatei to this book are online, link in the book


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Liezen, Sights and other pois

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000.87 km  wiki wiki
001.03 km castlecastle
001.54 km  wikiInfoText: wiki
002.47 km supermarketsupermarket
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002.93 km golfgolf
003.12 km fuelstationfuelstation
003.92 km  Alpine Alpine
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007.35 km churchchurch
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007.61 km  Landscape Landscape
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008.03 km  Landscape Landscape
008.04 km wikipediawikipedia
008.14 km wikipediawikipedia
008.36 km seasea
008.42 km castlecastle
008.46 km wikipediawikipedia
008.52 km wikipediawikipedia
008.62 km TrekkingTrekking
008.64 km  Alpine Alpine
008.85 km wikipediawikipedia
008.87 km  Alpine Alpine
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010.06 km serviceservice
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