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motorhome places Loosdorf Austria

Motorhome place Gasthof Hofmann

HRW ()3383 Loosdorf Lower Austria Austria
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Loosdorf, Pictures of the city and surroundings

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Loosdorf, Pictures and general information

    Selected parking spaces

    | allgemeiner Parkplatz
    österreich 3390 Melk
    Dear Sir or Madam!
    As we have just seen on your website https://meinwomo. net, your list of motorhome parking spaces in Austria
    under 3390
    Melk indicates the car park of Melk Abbey and it also states
    that the toilets at the entrance to the abbey can be used.
    But it must be an error or it was unfortunately added to the list by
    you without consulting us. Because the monastery car park of Melk Abbey is NOT an overnight car park and there are also NO parking spaces for mobile homes in our car park. Overnight parking and camping is NOT PERMITTED at the monastery car park!
    Our car park is also not set up at all for parking
    campers (there are no
    toilet facilities available in the evening and at night! No washrooms etc.!).
    Remove immediately the note: 3390 Melk, car park at the
    pen from your homepage! Or change the entry so that
    it is clear to motor home users that the Melk Abbey car park is
    NOT a mobile home parking space! 3390 Melk
    Tel: 43-(0)2752-555-225
    Fax: 43-(0)2752-555-226
    | allgemeiner Parkplatz
    Parkplatz Rollfährenstraße
    österreich 3390 Melk Rollfährenstraße
    Place with a wonderful view of Melk Abbey.
    narrow bridge
    | Parkplatz Friedhof
    Parkplatz am
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk Doktor-Wilhelm-Reich-Straße
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    öffentlicher Parkplatz, nur für kleine Mobile geeignet
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk Franz Mistlbacher-Weg
    Sowjetischer Heldenfriedhof
    österreich 3390 Spielberg

    Selected service points

    Selected gastronomy

    | Cafe
    Groove Cafe
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    | Cafe
    Corrado cafe
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk Rathausplatz
    | Cafe
    Madar Pub
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk Rathausplatz
    | Cafe
    Madar Cafe
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk Rathausplatz
    | McDonald
    österreich 3382 Loosdorf
    Pasta e Pizza
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    Melker Stiftsrestaurant
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    Pizza &«,» Kebap Giovanni
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    Salt &«,» Pepper
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk Rathausplatz

    Selected sights

    | lock
    Österreich 3382 Schallaburg Schallaburg 1
    The Schallaburg is known for the annually changing exhibitions that attract many visitors to the Renaissance castle.
    The oldest surviving parts of the castle were built in the 11th century. Around 1572 the arcade with the wonderful terracotta reliefs, which Jakob Bernecker created from 1600 parts, was added.
    The beautiful Renaissance garden was laid out in 1973 based on old models and invites you to visit.
    Open from the beginning of April to the end of October daily from 9 am to 5 pm.
    | lock
    Schloss Schönbühel
    österreich 3392 Gemeinde Schönbühel-Aggsbach L5355
    Schönbühel Castle was built at the beginning of the 12th century. It was also used as a Servite monastery. Schönbühel Castle sits enthroned on a 40 meter high cliff above the Danube and was considered impregnable at the time. Today it is privately owned by the Seilern-Aspang family and is therefore not open for visits or guided tours.
    | monastery
    Benediktinerstift Melk
    Österreich 3390 Melk Stiftsweg 4, 3390 Melk, Österreich
    The origins of Melk go back to the 10th century. In 1089 the Bamberg Benedictines called to Melk. But it was not until the 17th century that Abbot Berthold Dietmayr commissioned master builder Jakob Prandtauer to build the monastery. The palatial abbey building is the largest monastery in Lower Austria and the most important sacred baroque building in Europe.
    | Bicycle / motorcycle
    Donauradweg Emmersdorf Krems
    österreich 3644 Gemeinde Emmersdorf
    The Austrian Danube cycle path in stages
    Passau 2397649
    Linz 2397650
    Grein 2397651
    Emmersdorf 2397652
    Krems 2397653
    Tulln 2397654
    Vienna 2397669
    Donaulimes Österreich, UNESCO Welterbe
    österreich 3392 Berging L5355
    Since 2021, the Limes along the Danube through Austria has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    | monument
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    | church
    Wallfahrtskirche Mauer
    österreich 3382 Osang Kirchengasse

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    General Pois

    | church
    Stiftskirche Melk
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk Prälatenhof
    Collegiate Church of the Melk Monastery
    österreich 3392 Gemeinde Schönbs¼hel-Aggsbach, Siernreitherhof L5355
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
    österreich 3390 Gemeinde Melk
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