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SP ()3631 Ottenschlag Lower Austria Austria
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Ottenschlag, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Ottenschlag, Pictures and general information

  • The small community in the Waldviertel has totally committed to the POP.. The name "Waldviertler Graumohn" is a protected brand and is grown on approx. 500 hectares..
    The gray son was already cultivated in the Waldviertel in the 13th century.. Around 1900, the poppy was a major commodity and was even traded on the London Stock Exchange.. After the First World War, the poppy fell into oblivion and only in the 1980s, he was planted more and developed from a staple food to a stimulant..

    The poppy village Armschlag attracts many tourists every year at the time of the poppy flower «end of June to mid-July».. But even outside this period, many poppy events take place.
    Special mention should be made of poppy Sunday with painting classes, folk dancing and folk music
    * Poppy-seed swirling day
    * Poppy-seed cake «Thanksgiving»



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