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Motorhome place Gasthaus Schusterbauer

HRW ()8103 Rein Austria
Free of charge for guests/visitors
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Rein, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Rein, Pictures and general information

    Selected parking spaces

    | Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
    P&R-Parkplatz Stübing
    österreich Kleinstübing
    At the P&R car park in Stübing there was always enough space for our mobile home in autumn. We also took the train to the surrounding area and were therefore completely right to be there. Nobody controlled this fact. Good starting point for hiking and cycling in the area and also suitable for sightseeing in Graz, because there is a comprehensive short-term parking zone. The S-Bahn runs at least once an hour until midnight.
    | Parking suitable for campers over 8 m
    Parkplatz Straßengel
    österreich Gratwein-Straßengel
    The Friedhof Straßengel car park is quiet at night, but is also a possible meeting place for local youth. The Strassengel pilgrimage church dominates the cemetery and impresses with its magnificent appearance. Not unimportant for campers: In the parsonage there is a toilet that is accessible around the clock, a water pipe at the cemetery and a church inn at this one. There are not only hiking trails to Graz.
    | Parking suitable for campers over 8 m
    Parkplatz Freilichtmuseum Stübing
    österreich Deutschfeistritz
    For a visit to the open-air museum in Stübing, it is worth staying the night at the car park. The visit to the open-air museum is also combined with a short hike into the Enzenbachtal. Tip: There is a Styrian museum ticket for all museums in the state for around 2 1/2 times the price of the day ticket. This ticker is valid for one year for repeated entry into all museums. It is available at the cash desk.
    | Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
    österreich Gratkorn
    Right next to a gas station with a washing center. Surroundings are very noisy, since the street leading past is heavily frequented.
    | Parking lot on the highway
    Raststätte an der A9
    österreich 8121 Prenning A9
    Camper service on the A9.
    | general parking lot
    Reiner Strasse
    österreich 8112 Gratwein-Straßengel

    Selected service points

    | Ladestation
    österreich 8121 Zitoll Raststation Deutschfeistritz

    Selected sights

    | Open-air museum
    Freilichtmuseum Stübing
    Österreich 8114 Gemeinde Deutschfeistritz Viktor Herbert Pöttler-Weg
    The open-air museum gives an overview of rural life in earlier times and has received the UNESCO seal of approval for museums
    www. stuebing. at
    | Kreuzwege
    Kalvarienberg Deutschfeistritz
    österreich 8121 Deutschfeistritz Deutschfeistritz 1
    The complex consists of three small chapels, the Mount of Olives chapel and a crucifixion group. It was created towards the end of the 17th century.
    | observation tower
    österreich 8112 Gratwein-Straßengel
    Unfortunately, the tower has not yet been rebuilt.
    | church
    Wallfahrtskirche Maria Straßengel
    österreich 8112 Gratwein-Straßengel Am Kirchberg
    | monastery
    Kloster in der Dult
    österreich 8101 Dult Dultstraße
    | Water / Source
    österreich 8051 Raach Judendorfer Straße

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    General Pois

    österreich 8109 Gemeinde Eisbach PleschstrasŸe
    Rein Abbey
    Oldest Cistercian monastery
    Guided tour of the Cross Chapel, Basilica, Abbots´ Gallery and Marienkapelle with the mortal remains of the donor, Leopold I, the Strong ( 1129)
    | jet
    österreich 8112 Gratwein Murfeldstraße 5
    JET gas station
    Phone: 43 3124 55989
    | station

    Deutschfeistritz train station
    | mountaintop
    Pleschkogel 1061 m
    | Other
    motorway service station
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