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motorhome places Spielberg Austria

Motorhome place campsite Schindelbacherhof

CP ()8720 Spielberg Austria
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CP ()8720 Spielberg Austria
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Spielberg, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Spielberg, Pictures and general information

  • At the eastern end of an alpine valley, the Aichfeld, is located at an altitude of 645m the 11 500 inhabitants counting town Knittelfeld..

    According to writings existed in 1224 a settlement that was appointed in 1302 to the city.. During the Second World War, the city was almost completely destroyed.. Little has been preserved of the historic old town and only a few buildings have been rebuilt according to original plans..


    Tourism is an important economic factor and so it is not surprising that the city and its neighboring communities have created a great deal of accommodation for guests in recent years..

    As early as 1969, the Österreichring was opened in Spielberg near Knittelfeld.. In 1970, the first Formula 1 race was held and until 1987, the races took place regularly.. From 1997 to 2003, the Formula 1 came back to Spielfeld.. In 2011, the Red Bull Ring, as the racetrack is now called, reopened after extensive renovations, and in 2014 another Formula 1 race will take place..

    Further worth seeing:
    • Railway Museum, Knittelfeld, Ainbachallee 14a
    • 1st Austrian Museum of Carnival and Customs, Knittelfeld, Hauptplatz 12
    • Model railway, Knittelfeld, Bahnhofsplatz 8
    • Historical City tour «free», registration MSM CityInfo «+43 3512 86464»

  • The Fütterhorst Hinterstoisser in Zeltweg was built in 1937 and is the largest military airport in Austria..
    The AirPower, the largest air show in Europe, has been held here every two years since June 1997..


    Around 300,000 visitors in 2013 were able to admire art squadrons, combat aircraft, etc. from 20 different nations.. The event is free..


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Spielberg, Sights and other pois

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