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motorhome places St-gilgen Austria

Motorhome place Romantik Camp. Wolfgangsee Lindenstrand

CP ()5342 Gschwand Salzburg Austria
Pay for use site 25.9 until 32.1 Euro
open April until 15.Oktober

Motorhome place Seecampsite Primus

CP ()5342 Abersee / St.Gilgen Salzburg Austria
Court costs, to be paid at place

Motorhome place Seecampsite Wolfgangblick

CP ()5342 Abersee / St.Gilgen Salzburg Austria
Pay for use site 19.90 until 25.90 Euro
open 18.April until 30.September

Motorhome place campsitepark Abersee

CP ()5342 Sankt Gilgen Salzburg Austria
Pay for use site 23.80 Euro
open 2.Mai until 30.Oktober

St-gilgen, Pictures of the city and surroundings

St-gilgen, Pictures and general information

  • The Wolfgangsee, which is also called Abersee, is probably the most famous lake in the Salzkammergut has an area of ​​13 km ² and a maximum depth of 114 m.. The lake owes its fame to the operetta "Im weißen Rößl" by Ralph Benatzky, who is also buried in St. Wolfgang..


    Due to the tidal stream of the torrent, the lake is divided into two parts and is only about 200 m wide..
    Shipping also plays a big role at the Wolfgangsee.. The first paddle steamer "Franz Josef I." has been in use since 1873.. All year round, the Wolfgangsee Schifffahrt connects the most important places on the lake..

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    An annual highlight is the "Wolfgangsee Advent". The peace lantern in the lake, traditional Advent stalls, Advent huts on A raft, cribs, punching stalls but also a variety of pre-Christmas events attract many visitors to the Wolfgangsee in the Advent season.. With the ships you can comfortably reach the Advent markets of St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl..


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    Strobl, St. Gilgen, Abersee and Ried belong to the province of Salzburg ,. Only St. Wolfgang is located on Upper Austrian territory..
    It is not possible to drive around the lake, as in the north the steep rock face of the Falkenstein extends into the lake..


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