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motorhome places Njivice Croatia

Motorhome place Aminess Atea campsite Resort (ex Campingplace Njivice)

CP ()51512 Njivice/Krk Croatia
Pay for use site 21.30 until 38 Euro
open 9.April until 30.November

Motorhome place Parkplatz in Njivice

PN ()51512 Njivice Croatia
Pay for use site 3 Euro

Njivice, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Selected parking spaces

| general parking lot
Parkplatz am Hafen von Omisalj
A nice place to stay in terms of ambience. However, we were warned by a local that the police would come and collect in the morning. There remains a nice place for a bathing stop at the adjoining public bathing beach with a pine forest on the slope above and a freely accessible shower. There are also restaurants at the port. Parking is chargeable during the day. Payment at the machine.
| Parking suitable for campers over 5 m

A little off the road parking lot, a bit quieter than on the other side. We were even able to spend the night here, but heard the other day that the police often ask for 1000 kuna/person here in the evening or in the morning ????
| Parking lot for hikers
kroatien 51511 Malinska
Below an abandoned hotel, very quiet, ideal for hiking. Unfortunately, staying overnight in Croatia outside of official places is forbidden, too bad. . . .
| general parking lot
Allgemeiner Parkplatz
kroatien 51511 Vantacici
small parking lot behind the port
| Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
Parkplatz an der Brücke
Unfortunately, the place is very noisy

Selected service points

| Ladestation
kroatien 51511 Sveti Vid-Miholjice 5086
Primorska cesta
kroatien 51512 Njivice Primorska cesta

Selected sights

| Miscellaneous
Heilschlamm und Küstenpromenade
kroatien 51514 Soline
Here you can treat yourself with healing mud. If it doesn´t help, you´re sure to have a lot of fun with it.

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General Pois

| Bridge

Krk Bridge is over 1300 m long and spans a sea arm and connects the bare karst rocks of Krk with the green mountains of the mainland.
| Nudist beach / place
FKK Porat
Official naturist beach. Bathing shoes and a mat are advisable because of the sharp tree needles.
| airport

Airport Zracna Luka Rijeka on the island of Krk|
| Kapelle
kroatien 51511 Barušić
| church
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
kroatien 51512 Njivice Nikole Jurjević
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