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motorhome places Sveti Croatia

Motorhome place Camp Ujca

CP ()53284 Sveti Juraj Croatia
without charge 25 until 28 Euro
open 1.Mai until 1.Oktober

Motorhome place Autocamp Raca

SP ()53284 Sveti Juraj Croatia
Pay for use site 20.15 until 25.85 Euro
open 1.Mai until 30.September

Sveti, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Sveti, Pictures and general information

    Selected parking spaces

    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 8 m
    Parkplatz Jadranska Magistrala
    kroatien 53270 Senj Jadranska Magistrala
    A large gravel site on the outskirts of the city opposite the gas station and suitable for overnight stays, at least in the off-season. Space is also occasionally used to park truck trailers. No shade and no windbreak.
    How to get there: if you are coming from the north on the D8 coast road, turn off at the 1st roundabout towards the port, drive along the port and join the D8 again on the outskirts of town. In the fork there is a gas station and opposite directly on the water is the place
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    Parkplatz Obala dr. Franje Tudmana
    kroatien 53270 Senj Obala dr. Franje Tudmana
    it is a normal parking lot with no height limit in the immediate vicinity of the city center. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. this is chargeable for mobile homes 8Kn/hour about 1€. With the motorhome it is best to stand in the rear area. In the low season, from September, the entry and exit barrier is open from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and the ticket booth is not manned
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    Parkplatz D23
    kroatien 53270 Senjska Draga D23
    The place is a few meters away from a very little-used road. Sensational views of the sea and islands.
    ATTENTION: wild camping is generally forbidden in Croatia and there are high fines, but there have never been any problems at this place.
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    Parkplatz E65
    kroatien 53270 Senj E65
    The parking lot at the Nehaj Fortress also offers space for larger WOMOs and is free of charge.

    Selected service points

    | Ladestation
    kroatien 52370 Zengg Obala Kralja Zvonimira
    kroatien Majorija D23

    Selected sights

    | aim
    kroatien 63688 Gedern, Beek, Beek Jadranska magistrala
    On the Croatian B8 between Crikvenica and Starigrad: Sveti Juraj

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    General Pois

    | castle
    Uskokenburg Nehaj
    Kroatien 53270 Senj Nehajeva bb
    Nehaj Fortress, built by the Uskoks in 1551-1558, is enthroned above the town of Senj. The side length of the square ground plan of the castle is 23.5 m and has a height of 18 m. For a long time the fortress was considered impregnable, which explains the name - Nehaj means ´fear nothing´.
    During renovation work in 1965, the remains of a small 11th century church were found in the basement. A tablet in Glagolitic script, the oldest Slavic script, from the 11th century was also discovered during this work and can be seen in the castle.

    Opening hours:
    July and August
    - daily: 10 a.m.-9 p.m.
    May, June, September and October
    - daily: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
    | Other
    Kroatien 6410 Senj A 8 Bundesstraßen
    Gas station
    kroatien Zakose Jadranska magistrala
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