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motorhome places Vabriga Croatia

Motorhome place Naturist campsite Solaris

CP ()52465 Vabriga Croatia
Pay for use site 22.90 until 39.30 Euro
open 15.April until 1.Oktober

Motorhome place campsite Lanterna

CP ()52465 Vabriga Croatia
Pay for use site 21.50 until 42.50 Euro
open 22.April until 1.Oktober

Vabriga, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Vabriga, Pictures and general information

    Selected parking spaces

    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    Parkplatz Novigrad
    kroatien 52466 Novigrad Ulica Josipa Broza Tita 1A
    The parking lot is also suitable for larger mobile homes. The rear can overhang a lot when parking backwards. The parking machines are only in operation until September 15th.
    Directions: Coming from the BAB straight over the roundabout into the city center (coming from Umag, take the first exit at the roundabout) at the Mercator market right until you can´t go any further, then right.
    The square is then after about 500m on the left side.

    | allgemeiner Parkplatz
    kroatien 52466 Dajla beach Strunac
    Bathing place in Dajla. Very quiet at night, almost lonely. It is better to do without overnight stays during the season, officially not allowed.
    Approach: Shortly before the end of the town, do not follow the main road to the left, but go straight ahead. Note: Church of Giovanni Battista. Drive past the former monastery along the wall to the sea.
    | allgemeiner Parkplatz
    Parkplatz in Cervar von der 5039 Richtung Meer
    kroatien 52449 Cervar in Cervar von der 5039 Richtung Meer
    Pitch on the peninsula near Cervar Porat. High season is controlled by the police, possible in the low season. No supply and disposal, only garbage cans
    May 2014
    Cervar Peninsula without supply, only garbage cans. officially forbidden for WoMos
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    Parkplatz Kastanija
    kroatien 52466 Novigrad Kastanija
    Large parking lot in front of a bungalow settlement, shuttle to the city, restaurant, showers by the sea (rocky/pebble beach), parking machine 20 kuna/24h.
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    Parkplatz für Wohnmobile geeignet
    kroatien Pore&!269
    Cheapest parking lot for 5 kunar per hour (note the machine only takes coins). In walking distance to the city about 10 minutes.

    Selected service points

    | Autowaschanlage
    Car Wash
    kroatien 52466 Novigrad
    | Autowaschanlage
    kroatien 52466 Mareda
    | öffentliche Toilette
    Mobile Toilet
    kroatien 52449 %u010Cervar Ulika
    | öffentliche Toilette
    kroatien 52474 Nova Vas
    | laundry
    Speed Queen Waschsalon
    kroatien 52441 Porec A. Negrija
    kroatien 52465 Tarska Vala D75
    kroatien 52474 Nova Vas

    Selected gastronomy

    | Fast-food
    Hawaii Beach
    kroatien 52449 %u010Cervar Porat

    Mon-Sun 09:00-22:00
    | Fast-food
    imbiss Felix
    kroatien 52449 Cervar Ulika

    Selected sights

    | church
    Pfarrkirche des Hl. Pelagius
    Kroatien 52466 Novigrad Veliki trg
    The origins of the three-aisled basilica, which was a cathedral until 1831, date back to the 5th-6th centuries. In 1874 the church tower was destroyed and replaced by the bell tower in the same year.
    Inside the church is the only early Romanesque crypt in Istria. The crypt has three naves and is cross-vaulted. In the middle is the denomination with entries from the year 1146.
    | Cave
    Tropfsteinhöhle Baredine
    Kroatien 52446 Nova Vas/Pore³#269|
    | church
    kroatien 52441 Porec Obala Matka Laginje
    | lighthouse
    Baia di Novigrad
    kroatien NOVIGRAD Novigrad Ulica Brolo
    | recreation park
    Aquapark Istralandia
    kroatien 52474 Nova Vas
    | Museum General
    Kroatien 52446 Nova Vas/Pore³#269| Tarska

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    General Pois

    Marina Cervar
    kroatien 52449 Cervar Porat
    The Marina Cervar Porat is located in the small tourist settlement of the same name Cervar Porat approx. The Marina Cervar Porat is open all year round and is well protected by two breakwaters. The marina has 220 berths, all with water and electricity, and 30 on land. The marina is 2 nautical miles from Novigrad.
    Shopping in Cervar Porat
    The town of Cervar Porat offers only a handful of shopping opportunities in small supermarkets and local markets where you can purchase a variety of wines and local products.
    Food and leisure in Cervar Porat
    Slightly north of Marina Cervar Porat, in the bay of Santa Marina, there is a restaurant that serves delicious fish dishes. Cervar Porat beach is only about 500 meters from the town center. After many renovations in recent years, the Cervar Porat still doesn´t make a good impression.
    | Nudist beach / place
    Cervar Beach
    Not an official nudist beach. Stony shore with clear water.
    | church
    Crkva Gospe od Andela 1746
    Church in the center of Porec.
    Church of our Lady of Angels
    | Ferry
    kroatien 52440 Istarska županija Obala Marsala Tita
    Ferry Porec HR - Brijuni HR / Venicija IT - Porec HR
    | Other
    kroatien 52466 Antenal D75
    Cargo ship loading from the nearby quarry
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