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motorhome places Karlovy-vary Czech-republic

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Motorhome place Karlovy Vary

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Karlovy-vary, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Karlovy-vary, Pictures and general information

  • Karlovy Vary, German Carlsbad, is located in the west of the Czech Republic with about 50,000 inhabitants.. It is one of the most famous health resorts in the world..


    During excavations traces were found from prehistoric times, the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Slavic settlement..
    In 1370, the Bohemian king and Roman emperor Charles IV raised the town to a royal city because of its thermal springs.. These sources are still used today for baths and drinking cure..
    In 1946 a nationalization of the spa facilities takes place.. But only with the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 did support measures ensure an international orientation..


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    The White Colonnades
    and the well-preserved historic spa facilities invite you to prominence..

    Probably the strongest of the 89 springs, the Sprudel / Vridlo, is 72 ° hot and shoots up to 14 in height.. 19 of these sources are approved as medicinal waters;. These are mineralized mineral waters «Na-HCO3SO4Cl»

    The Spa Hotel Pupp on the banks of the Teplà
    Founded in 1770

    The Church of Mary Magdalene
    Above the Bubble

    The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul
    with golden dome roofs, Krále Street Jiřího

    1886 City Theater

    Diana can be reached by funicular railway and offers a magnificent view of the city..

    The Loket Castle

    Two Carlsbad specialties are
    The Karlovy Vary cup, Becherovka .. It was first produced by the pharmacist Josef Vitus Becher..
    The Karlovy Vary Oblates , created by Barbara Bayer

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Karlovy-vary, Sights and other pois

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