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motorhome parking: Wohnmobilstellplatz Bauernhof Michael Johansen

  Ag (2252037) A parking space on a farm, to the center is about 3 km
Last updated on 2018-07-05

Parking for motorhomes

Dänemark, , 4891 Guldboorgsund
Street:Toreby Vestergade
Number of places:3
MeinwomoID 2252037
Environment:beautiful surroundings
available:from: 1.Januar until: 31.Dezember

Price : Pay for use site

  -> Price for 24h, 2 people and tax(Euro): 10
  W S E N D wc H
water:Water included
Dumpstation:No Dumpstation
Stream:Electricity flatfee -> Price(Euro):3.35
Dogs:Dogs allowed

Directions and coordinates

-> Also for mobile over 8 m

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RV sites in the area

  1. Motorhome place Toreby Sejlklub, 4800 Nykøbing Falster, Guldborgsvej
    Parking by Toreby Sejlklub. (Real motorhome parking)
  2. Motorhome place Wohnmobilserviceplatz, 4863 Eskilstrup,, Sydmotorvejen 1
    Camper service at a rest area on the highway ( ParkplatzAbahn)
  3. Campingplace Falster City Camping, 4800 Nykøbing Falster, Østre Alle 112
    Quick stop for campers (20.00 bis 10.00 clock) (Campingplace)
  4. Campingplace Camping Guldborg , 4862 Guldborg, Guldborgvej 147
    Quick stop for campers (20.00 bis 10.00 clock) (Campingplace)
  5. Wohnmobilparkplatz Nysted , 4880 Nysted, Adelgade 15-19
    Parking at the Library (Overnight Parking lot)
  6. Wohnmobilstellplatz Nysted Stran Camping, 4880 Nysted, Skansevej
    Supply and disposal, shower in about 200 meters at the campsite to buy. (Real motorhome parking)
  7. Campingplace Nysted Strand Camping, 4880 Nysted, Skansevej 38
  8. Wohnmobilstellplatz Jacobsen , 4840 Alstrup, Godthaabsvej 15
    A parking space with the Jacobsen family.. It may also fit more RVs on the square.. Wastewater is free, only the cassette drainage is liable to pay. (Real motorhome parking)
  9. Wohnmobilparkplatz Stubberup, 4880 Stubberup, Strandvejen 18 B
    A nice place. (Overnight Parking lot)
  10. Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz Norre Alslev , 4840 Nørre Alslev Kommune, Cargovej 1
    1Km away from the highway ZOLL´s parking lot.. Generously laid out at the gas station, possibly wedges necessary.. @ Have asked one of the customs officials ... (Overnight Parking lot)

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Motorhome place environment poiliste

004.98 km castlecastle
005.41 km museummuseum
007.04 km  Landscape Landscape
007.79 km portport
007.92 km tourist spottourist spot
007.98 km portport
008.05 km supermarketsupermarket
008.16 km  athletic fields athletic fields
008.31 km fuelstationfuelstation
008.35 km supermarketsupermarket
008.41 km fuelstationfuelstation
008.43 km fuelstationfuelstation
008.44 km supermarketsupermarket
008.47 km fuelstationfuelstation
008.48 km fuelstationfuelstation
008.56 km museummuseum
008.63 km supermarketsupermarket
008.64 km churchchurch
008.83 km museummuseum
009.37 km portport

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