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Campingplace Niederkrüchten Dilborner Mühle

Camping Dilborner Mühle

  CP (1114197) The campsite is beautifully situated in the countryside
Last updated on 2021-05-02

Camping for Motorhomes

Deutschland, Nordrhein-Westfalen, 41372 Niederkrüchten
Street:Dilborner Mühle
Number of places:15 | with power:4
MeinwomoID 1114197
Environment:very beautiful surroundings
last visit message: 05/2009
available:from: .Januar until: .Dezember

Price : Pay for use site

  -> Price for 24h, 2 people and tax(Euro): 9
-> Extra for each additional person(Euro): 3
  W M S E N D wc H
water:Water included
Dumpstation:Dumping included in the price
Stream:Electricity per kw -> Price(Euro):.40
Garbage:dustbin with glass separation
Dogs:Dogs allowed, on a leach

Directions and coordinates

  By direction Brüggen Overhetfeld, at the entrance on the right.
| maximale Zufahrtshöhe=4,00 m

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Facilities/Right on the site

Facilities/walking distance
Comments and ratings

The most important comments (insgesamt vorhanden=4)
diefrauvomhasen | 2014-05 | Opening times are not known.. The course consists mainly of permanent campers.
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