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Mesolongi, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Mesolongi, Pictures and general information

  • Mesolongi , or Messolongi, Messolonghi, Missolonghi, Missolunghi or Mesolongion is the capital of the region Aetolia and has about 15 000 inhabitants..
    It is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Patras, on the north side of the Gulf, in the midst of a vast lagoon landscape, the Mesolongi Delta..

    Location and climate peculiarities

    The city is located in a plain that was built up by the floods of the Evinos and Acheloos rivers in the course of time..
    Thus, first settlements on 3 lagoon islands are detectable, but now have become by sedimentation an integral part of the mainland..
    Lagoons worth mentioning are the Prokopanistos Lagoon to the west, the central Mesolongi Lagoon to the west, the north facing lagoon of Etoliko and the Klisova Lagoon to the southeast of the city..
    Towards the northeast, moorlands dominated by the lagoons reach mountains up to 900 m high, an imposing picture..


    * In Byzantine times Construction of stilt houses (pilades) on the lagoon islands.. This remained, to protect against the changing occupiers until after the 13th century so.. The islands lay in the lagoons that seem like lakes, which gives the name based on the Italian:
    "in the middle of the lake" = mezzo laghi.. ,. ,.
    * Foundation of the city probably 16th century..
    * 1571 Naval Battle of Lepanto and subsequently subordinate to the Protectorate of Venice
    * 1740-1770 Importance as a naval and port city with 75 ships
    * 1797 End of the Venetian protective power and forced de facto recognition of Sultan Selim III.. Nevertheless, at the same time maintaining a strong nucleus of resistance to the Turks and one of the birthplaces of Greek nationalism
    * within Greek history immortal importance wins Mesolongi especially during the Greek Revolution in the 20s of the 19th century.. The city is still considered a symbol of Greek resistance to the Turks..
    * 1821 outbreak of hostilities, Alexandros Mavrokordatos (1791-1865) selects Mesolongi to his headquarters, as the city has fortifications with more than a dozen cannons. August 9, 1822 a Turkish naval unit under Hasan Pasha reaches the Lagoon and begins in October with the siege of the city, after a storm on the walls of the city was unsuccessful.
    * November 1823 End of the 1st siege, demolition of the same by the Turks
    * in consequence expansion of the fortress and extension of the Armament on 48 guns 9 April 1925, 2nd Siege of Mesolongis on the orders of Sultan Mahmut II under Resit Pasha.. The Greeks reject any surrender efforts on the part of the Turks, although the Turkish supremacy is overwhelming.. Epidemics and hunger dominate the picture in the city in the spring of 1826. The situation has become hopeless.. An escape through the Turkish lines is planned for the evening before Palm Sunday.. The old and the sick, who would not be able to escape, are entrenched in the arsenal and the windmill, the others try to escape, but they fail due to betrayal.. A massacre takes its course.. The remaining inhabitants of the city blast themselves into the air on the morning of April 12, laying the foundation stone for the myth of Mesolongi.. Realistic numbers say that out of a population of about 10,000 people, 1,000 survived..
    * 1829 The withdrawal of the Turks from Mesolongi
    * 1850 the city becomes the seat of an Orthodox Metropolitan..
    * 1937 Decree of King George II, according to which Mesolongi may bear the honorary title of Iera Poli (Holy City)..

    Mesolongi today

    The city presents itself after reconstruction today modern, yet it still adheres to the (like maintained) myth of the holy city from the days of the resistance..
    There are museums and memorials, and Palm Sunday, in commemoration of the events of 1826, is much more than just a Paschal holiday..
    As a sports fanatic city, Mesolongi regularly sends athletes to the Greek Olympic team and has its own stadium..

    There are several schools and technical colleges, a modern hospital and, most recently, a marina where yachtsmen and motorboat riders from all over the world can moor..
    This is particularly interesting for this group, as on the opposite side of the country, at the Peloponnese, an airport (Araxos) ensures access to the respective home countries..
    There is a great cultural offer in the fields of music and dance..


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