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Patras, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Patras, Pictures and general information

  • Patras is an important port city of Greece and capital of the prefecture of Achaia, as well as the region of Western Greece.. With around 172,000 inhabitants, Patras is the third largest city in the country after Athens and Thessaloniki..
    Patras is located in the Gulf of Patras, which adjoins the Gulf of Corinth to the east and leads to the Corinth Canal..
    In the west, the Ionian Sea connects.. The whole area, especially the strait between the Patraikos and Corinthiakos gulf, is seismically active, which posed a major challenge for the engineers to build the { Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge

    The 2252m longest cable-stayed bridge in the world near Rio, was put into operation in August 2004 and connects the Peloponnese to the central Greek mainland..

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    Interesting to the city

    * Patras is the seat of the Archbishop of Patras and the University of Patras.. The city is known in Greece as a carnival stronghold, the Patras carnival or Patrino Karnavali is a two-month-long imposing festival in winter.. It is the biggest carnival in Greece with about 50,000 carnivalists.. In 2006 Patras was European Capital of Culture..

    * Patras is also known for making the { Liqueur Tentura}..

    * Apollon Theater
    It was designed in 1872 by the German architect Ernst Ziller on the model of Milan´s La Scala.. It is the oldest modern theater in Patras and a landmark of the city.. The Apollon Theater has been the seat of the Regional Municipal Theater of Patras since 1988..

    Agiou Nikolaou Stairs with 193 Steps

    * { Archaeological Museum
    The museum is one of the largest archaeological museums in the country and was opened in 2009..
    On display are more than two thousand exhibits from the Mycenaean period to the end of Roman times, including mosaics from Greek and Roman antiquity..

    * small airport in the town of Araxos about 40 km southwest of Patras, is used in the summer for charter flights..

    * important in Patras is the port as the gateway to the EU, which in recent years is causing more and more problems with refugees pouring into the EU..
    Most car ferries arrive in Patras from Italy.. In 1997, the construction of a new port about 1 km south of the existing port was decided.. It is scheduled to open in 2010 and is located on the coast of Dymaeon.. The increasing shipping traffic and the very cramped conditions in the old port made this project absolutely necessary.. By moving the port, Patras is clearly freed from massive heavy goods traffic..

    * Patras is connected to Corinth via a meter gauge railway line, which is being converted into standard gauge in several stages.. The conversion was originally scheduled to be completed by 2010, but was interrupted due to the ongoing economic crisis.. The existing railway line continues from Patras south to Pyrgos, Kyparissia and Kalamata.. Furthermore, Patras has connection to the Greek motorway network, toll road..

    * Interesting for surfers of the Internet: the Patras Wireless Metropolitan Network, initiated by private individuals, offers free Wi-Fi in the city..

    Brief History:

    Founded in antiquity through the union of the three cities of Aroe, Antheia and Mesatis..
    * around 280 BC. Alliance with 3 other Achaean cities formation of the Achaean covenant..
    * Establishment of one of the first Christian communities in the time of St.. Andreas, who was martyred here.. His bones came to Constantinople in 357, the head reliquary «1462 to 1964 in Rome» is worshiped again today in Patras..
    * 1205 conquest by William of Champlitte
    * 1408 sale of the Principality of Patras by John II to Venice
    * 1463 conquest by the Turks and expulsion of the Venetians
    * 1571 naval battle of Lepanto between the Holy League and Ottoman Empire in the Gulf of Patras..
    * 1770 Conquest by the Russians
    * 1770 Reconquest by the Turks who set fire to the city
    * 1820 Great earthquake
    * 1821 Beginning of the Greek revolution against the Turks
    * 1822 Destruction the city by the Turks «Ibrahim Pasha, who also carried out the siege of Mesolonghi from here»
    * 1828 conquest for Greece by French auxiliary troops under tailors
    * 1833 replacement of the French by the Bavarian Wittelsbacher, the new king of Greece, Otto I. followed..
    * occupation during World War II first by the Italians, then the Germans
    * 13. 12. 1943 kill German troops 676 inhabitants of the village Kalavrita as retaliation..

  • The Peloponnese , the destination of many thousands of sun-seekers from Central and Northern Europe and other parts of the world, offers everything that belongs to a varied holiday and MeinWomo has the guide!

    The MeinWomo travel book PELOPONNES takes on a roundtrip, which, after arriving by ferry to Patras , starts in Patras and leads us clockwise around this historic peninsula..
    This direction makes sense, so at the end of the trip we have the beautiful, endless sandy beaches at Kastro-Kyllini or Kalogria to relax after culture and diverse experiences and can relax here waiting for the ferry..

    There were no special daily stages, because everyone has a different timetable, in which he wants to drive around 1520 km on a given route.. This number will be increased accordingly when making excursions to side points of the route!

    We start off with a relaxed ferry ride in Patras and treat ourselves to the first beaches on the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Corinth before continuing on to exciting, historic sites such as Old Corinth , the Acrocorinth Castle or the spectacular Corinth Canal , where you can see standing on a bridge watching the ships pass through Man-made needle eye move..

    A trip takes us to Loutraki , one of the most sophisticated Greek spas with a casino and the beautiful Lake Vougliameni, where a pitch invites you to spend the night..

    Across the Corinthian Channel, we return to the Peloponnese, towards Loutra and Epidaurus, the first part of which we still follow along the sea, followed by the mountainous mountain range, which is then covered by trees Regions leads..

    The area around Epidaurus shows beautiful, picturesque coastline, crystal-clear bays and iridescent blue water alternate with densely forested hills..
    A visit to the Theater of Epidaurus is compulsory and, of course, is also included in our travel book..

    In the further course, we will spend a very special day of nature exploring one of the designated routes on the volcanic Methana Peninsula and having an iced retsina in one of the numerous tavernas on the harbor front to let..

    Lively Greek life takes with him who takes the short jump from Galatas to the island of Poros and takes a stroll through the old town and the bustling harbor front, where sailors from all over the world moor..

    We drive over the fishing village of Ermioni Porto Heli .. The area has many beautiful villas, mostly holiday villas in Athens.. Furthermore, Porto Heli is a popular anchorage with dry marina for yachts..

    The Salandibeach offers wonderful beach spots before we visit the sinkholes of Didima and continue on the route with historic sites such as Nafplio, Argos ,
    Tyrint and Mycenae
    are again fully devoted to the culture of ancient Greece..

    Back in the direction of the sea, the lively town of Gythio takes us to the wildly romantic Mani , the rocky, mountainous middle finger of the Peloponnese with its castle-like buildings, secluded bays and coves steep gorges..

    Via the modern city «where we can fill our German gas cylinder!», The journey continues via the ancient Messini «today Ithomi» to the outer finger of the Peloponnese with touristically known places like Koroni, Finikounda, Methoni, direction Pylos with the famous, nature protected Ochsenbauchbucht ..

    The final stage of our trip around the Peloponnese is characterized by restful beach days, but a visit to Olympia provides another cultural experience..

    In the last few days before the ferry to Patras, we are spoiled for choice between beautiful sandy beaches, where our trip to Greece ends in a relaxed atmosphere.


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