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PN ()22007 Stemnitsa Greece
without charge
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

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PN ()22024 Stemnitsa Peloponnesia Greece
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Stemnitsa, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Stemnitsa, Pictures and general information

  • Dimitsána is one of the most unspoiled villages in the Peloponnese and has about 600 inhabitants..
    It is located on a promontory above the Lousion River to the northwest of Tripoli..
    There are some museums, such as the watermill, refurbished tanneries in the Water Museum or distilleries and black powder factories..

    There are several good routes for hiking enthusiasts around the village.. Also worth seeing is about 3km outside the village located monastery Emialo..
    The church dates from the 17th century.. dating frescoes
    If you follow a road that deviates from the route to Karitena, you will enter the valley of the River Lousion.. As stuck to a rock face, the monastic monastery Prodromou was built on several floors in adventurous construction.. ,. From here you can also visit the no longer inhabited monastery Philosophou or the remains of the Aesculapius of Gortys..

    All these places are signposted out of town..


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Stemnitsa, Sights and other pois

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