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Tripoli, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Tripoli, Pictures and general information

  • Tripoli is the administrative center and capital of the Peloponnese and the prefecture of Arcadia..
    Today, about 30,000 inhabitants live on an area of ​​12 square kilometers.. Tripoli is troop base of the Greek Air Force and Army..

    Compared to other Greek cities Tripoli is founded around the 9th century.. AD a very young city..
    It was a significant and administrative center during both the Italian and Turkish occupation..

  • The Peloponnese is a tourist known region in the south of Greece and in the true sense a peninsula with famous archaeological sites from different eras.. Both culture and landscape lovers get their money´s worth.. The long, fine sandy west beaches are legendary, the east coast presents itself no less beautiful with rather rocky, but also gritty-sandy bays, the Mani in the south is wild romantic mountain land, while the north side along the Gulf of Patras and Corinth by densely populated foothills

    The Peloponnese, whose name derives from King Pelops, is connected to the central Greek mainland by the (artificial) Channel of Corinth and the new bridge at Rio-Andirio..

    The individual districts (prefectures) sin

    Achaia capital Patras
    * Argolis capital Nafplion
    * Arcadia Capital of Tripoli, at the same time the administrative center of the Peloponnese
    * Elis Capital of Pyrgos
    * Corinthia Capital of Corinth
    * Lakonia Capital of Sparta
    * Messenia Capital of Kalamata

    Archaeological sites

    are certainly not in short supply in the Peloponnese.. An overview:

    * Mycenae
    * Pylos, Nestor Palace
    * Olympia
    * Epidaurus
    * Tyrins
    * Messene
    * Mystras
    * Methoni
    * Altkorinth and Acrocorinth
    * Monemvasia
    * Nafplion and much more

    Nature to be seen:

    * Taygetos Mountains
    * Caves of Pirgos Dirou
    * Mani Peninsula in the South
    * Oxbauchbucht near Pylos, nature reserve
    * Louisos gorge near Dimitsana
    * long fine sandy beaches on the west coast


Selected gastronomy

Hotel Arcadia
22100 Τripolis 1 Ρl. Κolokotroni
Hotel Anaktorikon
22100 Τripoli 48 Εthnikis Αntistassis
Hotel Galaxy
22100 Τripoli Platia Ag. Vassiliou
Hotel Mainalon Resort
22100 Τripoli 8 Ρlatia Αreos

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Griechenland 22100 Tripolis Ermou 21-23, Tripolis 22100, Griechenland
Tourist information of the capital of the Peloponnese, Tripoli

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