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motorhome places Diekirch Luxembourg

Motorhome place campsite Op der Sauer

CP ()9234 Diekirch Luxembourg
Pay for use site 24 Euro
open 1.April until 30.September

Motorhome place Diekirch beim campsite Sure

SP ()9234 Diekirch Luxembourg
Pay for use site 19 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Diekirch, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Diekirch, Pictures and general information

  • The cardboard and district capital Diekirch is located on the sour and has 6650 inhabitants..

    The city´s landmark is the donkey, which used to be indispensable for the peasants as a livestock and beast of burden to cultivate their steep fields and vineyards.. In the pedestrian zone, which incidentally was the first in Luxembourg, you will find the donkey fountain, where beer bubbles on special occasions.. During a tour of the pretty town one encounters donkeys again and again, even at the church tower..


    In the 1960s, the remains of a Roman settlement were discovered during excavations.. Mosaics and a Roman villa came to light and even the Church of St. Lawrence was built on Roman foundations..


    National Military History Museum, Bamertal 10
    • St. Lawrence Church, Rue Saint Nicolas, open 10-12 am and 2 pm-6pm
    • Historical Museum, Rue du Cure 13, open Tuesday to Sunday from 10. 00-18.. 00:00
    • Museum of Historic Vehicles, Rue de Stavelot 20-22, open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00
    • Historical Brewing Museum, Rue de Stavelot 20-22, open Tuesday to Sunday, 10 00 to 18 00 o´clock
    • Deiwelselter «Devil´s Altar», Op der Schlaed;. However, the oldest monument in the city is not an altar but a megalithic tomb from the 2nd century BC.. From whose remains 1892 a 7 m high archway was built..

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Diekirch, Sights and other pois

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