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motorhome places Hellevoetsluis Netherlands

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CP ()3221 Hellevoetsluis Zuidholland Netherlands
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CP ()3221 LV Hellevoetsluis Zuidholland Netherlands
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Hellevoetsluis, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Hellevoetsluis, Pictures and general information

  • Hellevoetsluis is a town on Voorne-Putten in the Dutch province of South Holland and has 40,000 inhabitants..

    Formerly a fortress harbor and fortification for the Admiralty of Rotterdam, Hellevoetsluis today serves mainly as a dormitory for people working in Rotterdam or Europoort, with many recreational opportunities..

    However, some of the old buildings in the former fortress are still visible.. b the dry dock Jan Blanken and the Admiralty building, which houses parts of the municipal administration..
    Unfortunately, the former naval hospital was recently destroyed by fire..

    From the French era there still exist the Fort Harlem, a not inconsiderable part of the Hollandse Waterline, which was a defensive line with the help of the water.. The Tourist Office VVV has more information about these locations..

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    Hellevoetsluis is located directly on the Haringvliet and has become a water sports center with several thousand berths for pleasure boats developed in various yacht marinas.. You can either indulge your sport on the extensive Harlingvliet or sail through the Harlinglvliet locks to the North Sea.
    Cyclists will love the 25km long bike path on the dike with panoramic water views..
    At the foot of the historic lighthouse, there is a small artificially raised sandcastle beach



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Hellevoetsluis, Sights and other pois

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