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CP ()1787 Julianadorp Noord Holland Netherlands
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CP ()1787 Julianadorp Noord Holland Netherlands
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CP ()1787PN Julianadorp aan Zee Netherlands
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CP ()1787PK Den Helder- Julianadorp Netherlands
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  • Den Helder is a city on the North Sea coast in the province of North Holland and has about 57 250 inhabitants.. It is a port city and from here the ferry goes to Texel..
    The town of Den Helder includes the town of Den Helder, the district of Julianadorp, the nostalgic whaling village of Huisduinen, and some small towns
    between Den Helder and Texel, the Marsdiep.. It provides the only access for larger ships from the North Sea to the IJsselmeer and thus to the formerly important trading cities and ports of Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Amsterdam..

    Den Helder offers seven kilometers of beach, forests and dunes, magnificent pastures, polder landscapes and mudflats..
    Especially the beach and mudflats ensured survival in earlier times.. Because the inhabitants of the region collected flotsam on the beaches, set false beacons to beach ships and then rob them..
    The dead were also accepted..
    Scouring the beaches for what was flooded the sea called jutts.. Jutter was called the beachcombers, who raided and robbed the stranded ships..
    Today only a person born in Den Helder may call himself Jutter «spoken Jotter»..

    The hero lives in and out of the sea.. It is surrounded by water on three sides: the open North Sea, the mudflats and the Marsdiep between Den Helder and Texel..


    * Royal Navy and Naval Base «where a real submarine can also be visited», Het Nieuwe Diep 3, since 1815 and the city´s largest employer
    * 5 « !» Ports for all kinds of water sports
    * Reichswerft Willemsoord, built by Napoleon, Willemsoord 41
    * Rescue and rescue museum ´Dorus Rijkers´, Willemsoord 63
    * Orangery in the city center, Soembastraat 83
    * Käthe Kruse Museum, Binnenhaven 25
    * The Marinedagen «formerly: National Fleet Days», with the trailing ´Battle of Marsdiep´
    * Den Helder Airport, Kortevliet 3 as a starting point for helicopter supply flights to the North Sea drilling rigs «more than 20,000 flights a year»
    * Museum Fort Kijkduin, Admiraal Verhuellplein 1
    Emperor Napoleon built the fort. Today, there is a seawater aquarium here.. There are German-speaking guides, you can run by tunnel system through the aquarium..


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001.4 km supermarketsupermarket
001.55 km supermarketsupermarket
001.64 km WaterparkWaterpark
001.8 km golfgolf
002.36 km wikipediawikipedia
002.62 km fuelstationfuelstation
002.8 km  bay bay
003.2 km  bay bay
003.5 km  bay bay
004.02 km supermarketsupermarket
004.06 km supermarketsupermarket
004.24 km  means of transport means of transport
004.43 km  bay bay
004.92 km  means of transport means of transport
005.76 km fuelstationfuelstation
005.81 km wikipediawikipedia
005.84 km tourist spottourist spot
005.85 km fuelstationfuelstation
005.88 km  athletic fields athletic fields
005.95 km restaurantrestaurant
005.98 km  bay bay
005.99 km restaurantrestaurant
006.01 km  athletic fields athletic fields
006.07 km tourist spottourist spot
006.11 km  bay bay
006.14 km lighthouselighthouse
006.15 km WaterspprtsWaterspprts
006.32 km  wikiInfoText: wiki
006.39 km  means of transport means of transport
006.4 km portport
006.47 km  Landscape Landscape
006.51 km wikipediawikipedia
006.56 km supermarketsupermarket
006.57 km restaurantrestaurant
006.64 km infoinfo
006.78 km supermarketsupermarket
006.81 km fuelstationfuelstation
006.92 km wikipediawikipedia
007.02 km webcamwebcam
007.04 km portport
007.21 km lighthouselighthouse
007.62 km museummuseum
007.63 km fuelstationfuelstation
007.66 km wikipediawikipedia
007.75 km  bay bay
007.79 km  means of transport means of transport
008.04 km webcamwebcam
008.11 km  athletic fields athletic fields
008.18 km portport
008.53 km portport
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