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motorhome places Scharendijke Netherlands

Motorhome place campsite Muralt

CP ()4322 Scharendijke Zealand Netherlands
Pay for use site 27.3 until 30.3 Euro
open 29.März until 3.November

Motorhome place 7huizen aan Zee

CP ()4322 Scharendijke Netherlands
Pay for use site 20 until 30 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Landschaftscampsite Claeskinderen

CA ()4322 Scharendijke Zealand Netherlands
Pay for use site 20 Euro
open 1.März until 15.November

Motorhome place campsite De Vliedberg

CP ()4322NB Scharendijke Netherlands
Pay for use site 26.50 until 36.50 Euro
open 1.März until 30.November

Motorhome place campsite De Vliedberg

CA ()4322NB Scharendijke Netherlands
Pay for use site 21 until 28 Euro
open 1.März until 30.November

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  • The Brouwersdam: A building of the delta works

    The Grevelingenmeer was created by the Grevelingen dam near Grevelingen on the east side and the construction of the Brouwers dam on the west side..
    The gap between Goerree-Overflakkee and Schouwen-Duiveland, over 6 km in length, caused a lot of problems.. But the construction was a good exercise for the even more complicated Oosterscheldewehr.. For the construction of the Brouwersdamm both caissons and a cable car were used.. First of all, two sandbars were raised in the Brouwershavense Gat, the northern opening was sealed with caissons, and finally the southern hole was sealed by oscillating gondolas, which permanently dropped concrete into the hole to be closed..
    By the end of 1971, the dam was finished..
    10 years later, a passage lock was installed in the dam.. This allowed salty seawater to pass.. As a result, the flora and fauna gradually changed..

    { Brouwersdamm online information


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001.05 km portport
002.5 km webcamwebcam
002.69 km webcamwebcam
002.82 km recreation parkrecreation park
003.04 km portport
003.13 km parkpark
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004.23 km  wikiInfoText: wiki
004.28 km  bay bay
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005.83 km nature parknature park
006.15 km  athletic fields athletic fields
006.19 km museummuseum
006.32 km  means of transport means of transport
006.61 km TrekkingTrekking
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006.77 km nature parknature park
007.03 km portport
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007.34 km castlecastle
007.78 km fuelstationfuelstation
007.88 km portport
007.89 km restaurantrestaurant
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008.64 km churchchurch
008.92 km  bay bay
010.38 km supermarketsupermarket
011 km fuelstationfuelstation
011.57 km portport

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