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motorhome places Stellendam Netherlands

Motorhome place Camperplaats de Vlugtheuvel

CA ()3251 Stellendam Zuidholland Netherlands
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Stellendam, Pictures of the city and surroundings

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  • The Haringvlietdam: A building of the delta works

    The Haringvlietdam was built in the years 1957 to 1971.. It is 4.5 km long.. In the middle there is a lock construction about 1 km long.. At the southwest end there is a lock system for shipping..
    The dam primarily serves as flood protection for the land behind it.. At the same time, however, the waters of the Rhine and the Meuse must be able to reach the North Sea..
    For the construction of an artificial island was first created in which the lock building was built.. After completion, it was possible to build the northern and southern part of the dam..


    online information Haringvlietdamm


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000.71 km restaurantrestaurant
003.67 km nature parknature park
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005.23 km nature parknature park
005.23 km nature parknature park
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