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Motorhome place Monsaraz
5.1 Sterne von maximal 6 aus 9 Bewertungen.

motorhome parking:

  SP (934840) Overnight accommodation in a parking lot on the outskirts.
Last updated on 2020-03-04

Parking for motorhomes

Portugal, Évora, 7200 Monsaraz
Number of places:ca.10
MeinwomoID 934840
Environment:very beautiful surroundings
last visit message: 02/2020
available:from: .Januar until: .Dezember

Price : without charge

  W M S E N H
water:No water
Dumpstation:No Dumpstation
Stream:No electricity available
Garbage:General dustbin for everything
Dogs:Dogs allowed

Directions and coordinates

  |scharfe Kurfe |hohe Steigung/Gefälle
sonstiges:Bei Nässe könnten Fronttriebler Schwierigkeiten haben. Es gibt aber genügend Ausweichplätze.

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Comments and ratings

The most important comments (insgesamt vorhanden=14)
kindtro2 | 2019-10 | Heavy motorhomes need to overcome the last very steep ramp to the pitch a strong engine!. Stopping the engine on the ramp (in 1st gear!) Is not a good idea, as the clutch will easily wear off when starting up!
theoderich | 2017-03 | Very beautiful view.. In March 2017 very well attended.. Very steep driveway!
kanton | 2015-03 | Beautiful view of the Stausee.Liegt directly below the very interesting place.

Facilities/Right on the site

Facilities/walking distance

Other:sehenswerte mittelalterliche Stadt

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