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motorhome places Atouguia-da-baleia Portugal

Motorhome place Parkplatz

PN ()2525-445 Atouguia da Baleia Portugal
without charge

Motorhome place Area de Atouguia da Baleia

SP ()2525-150 Atouguia da Baleia Portugal
without charge
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Atouguia-da-baleia, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Atouguia-da-baleia, Pictures and general information

    Selected parking spaces

    | general parking lot
    portugal 2520 Peniche
    Day site near Peniche on a large peninsula. A cliff that is quite crowded at the weekend.
    Overnight stays may be allowed in winter
    Directions: about 400 meters on sand/gravel road. . sometimes very extended. . . . drive slowly!
    | Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
    Wohnmobil- Parkplatz Cabo Carvoeiro
    portugal 2520 Peniche Caminho do Farol 2
    Parking near the lighthouse, beautiful view, very quiet at night.
    There is a cafe and a public toilet on site.
    In the toilet water can be fetched with a canister.
    How to get there: drive from Peniche towards Cabo.
    | Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
    Parkplatz Ferrel
    portugal 2520 Ferrel Avenida da Praia 18
    Beautiful place right by the sea. Noisy at night in high season due to discos/bars on the beach.
    | Parking suitable for campers over 8 m
    Parkplatz Rua Viola
    portugal 2525 Peniche Rua Viola
    Parking by the sea, also for overnight stays
    How to get there: Drive through Rua Viola to the sea.
    | Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
    Parkplatz Peniche
    portugal 2520 Peniche Estrada Marginal Norte
    Parking lot in front of the gateway to the lighthouse (military facility)

    Selected service points

    | laundry
    Revolution Laundry
    portugal 2520-237 Peniche Estrada Marginal Norte
    Launderette with self-service and 24h service
    portugal Peniche Estrada Marginal Norte

    Selected gastronomy

    | Cafe
    Beach-Bar Breakfast 3 House
    portugal 2520-101 Baleal
    | restaurant
    Nau dos Corvos
    Portugal 2520 Peniche Estrada Marginal Sul
    Danau Baleal Beach Bar
    portugal 2520-101 Baleal

    Selected sights

    | Castle
    Fortaleza de Peniche
    Portugal 2520-607 Peniche Av. do Mar
    Built by King Joao IV in the 17th century, the fortress towers over the port of Peniche. During World War II, prisoners of war were housed here. During Salazar´s rule, it served as a dreaded prison for opponents of the dictator.
    The Museu Municipal is now housed in the Forte. Some prison cells can also be viewed during the tour.
    Open: Tue-Sun 10.30-12. 30| 14.00-18.00 12:00 am
    | lighthouse
    Farol do Cabo Carvoeiro
    portugal 2520-215 Peniche Estrada Marginal Norte
    | Water / Source
    portugal,Fonte Baleal
    portugal 2520-119 Parque Residêncial Balealcoop
    | Water / Source
    portugal,Fonte do Rosario
    portugal 2520-359 Peniche
    | Water / Source
    portugal,Fonte da Nora
    portugal 2520-393 Peniche Estrada dos Remédios
    | Water / Source
    portugal,Fonte da Almagreira
    portugal 2520-102 Ferrel Trilho da Almagreira
    | Water / Source
    portugal,Fonte dos Cabreiros
    portugal 2520-103 Serra d'El-Rei Rua Campo da Bola

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    General Pois

    | church
    Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Ajuda
    portugal 2520-324 Peniche Adro da Ajuda
    Church of Our Lady of Ajuda Peniche
    | Other
    portugal 2520-324 Peniche Rua da Liberdade
    Gas station Peniche
    portugal Leiria Avenida Porto Pesca
    portugal Leiria Avenida do Mar
    portugal Leiria Avenida Porto Pesca
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