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motorhome places Caldas-da-rainha Portugal

Motorhome place Caldas da Rainha

SP ()2500 Caldas da Rainha Leiria Portugal
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Caldas da Rainha

SP ()2500 Caldas da Rainha Leiria Portugal
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Caldas-da-rainha, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Caldas-da-rainha, Pictures and general information

  • 1714025
  • A tour, on the completely preserved city wall, offers the best overview of this listed town and its surroundings..


    Romans, Goths, Moors and of course the Portuguese left their mark on the village of Obidos.. The souvenir shops lined Rua Direita leads as a central axis through the town.. It is also home to the church of Santa Maria, where Alfonso V and Isabel of Portugal were married.. The Pelourinho «pillory» is also located on the Rua Direita..

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    The castle of Moorish origin was often rebuilt.. Under King Dinis, the fort received its present appearance and since 1950 houses a hotel, the first one opened in a historic building in Portugal..
    Outside the city wall is the aqueduct built in 1570 to supply water to the city..

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Selected parking spaces

| Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 8 m
Parkplatz Caixa Geral de Depositos Obidos
portugal 2510-089 Obidos N8
A huge parking lot just opposite the old town. No prohibition sign for mobile homes. Restless during the day, very calm at night. Ideal for sightseeing. Directions: drive into town on the main road, directly opposite the bus station. Hard to see entrance, lottery shop on the corner
| Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
Parkplatz Foz do Arelho
portugal 2500 Foz do Arelho Rua do Penedo Furado
Parking at the Lagoa de Óbidos.
At the end of the lagoon there is a natural beach and parking lots paved with EU funds which are very quiet.
How to get there: Turn sharp left off the winding road from Foz do Arelho and follow the road. Several parking possibilities
| Privatparkplatz
Parkplatz ..
portugal 2500 Foz do Arelho ..
Possibility to stay the night in a picnic area on the lagoon.
Tables, benches and a large brick barbecue are available.
How to get there: Head south from Foz do Arelho on the east side of the Lagoon. The place is diagonally across from a surfing location.
| allgemeiner Parkplatz
Wohnmobiltagesparkplatz Obligos
portugal 2510 Óbidos Estrada da Capeleira 22
The square is located by the aqueduct at the western entrance to the city. No shade during the day and, depending on the season, there is a lot of tourist traffic. Ideal starting point for a stroll through the city.
| Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 8 m
Parkplatz Covao dos Musaranhos
portugal 2510 Vau Estrada dod Musaranhos
Place is right on the Coavo dos Musaranhos
Directions: from EM 573 right off the gravel road to the shore of the Covao dos Musaranhos

Selected service points

| laundry
Revolution Laundry
portugal 2500-091 Caldas da Rainha Rua José Francisco de Sousa
Launderette with self-service and 24h service
| laundry
Revolution Laundry
portugal 2510-145 Pinhal Urbanização Moinho da Canastra
Launderette with self-service and 24h service
| Ladestation
portugal 2500-278 Caldas da Rainha

Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00
| Ladestation
portugal 2500-256 Caldas da Rainha

| öffentliche Toilette
portugal 2500-110 Caldas da Rainha
| öffentliche Wasserstelle/Brunnen/Quelle
portugal 2500-798 Caldas da Rainha
| Playground
portugal 2500-322 Caldas da Rainha

Selected gastronomy

YO! Saira Sushi
portugal 2500-323 Caldas da Rainha

Mon-Sun 10:00-23:00
Restaurant McDonalds, Portugal, Caldas da Rainha
| Bar
Toca da Onca - Bistro
portugal 2500-125 Caldas da Rainha
| McDonald
portugal 2500-854 Caldas da Rainha
| Pizzeria
Forno do Avo
portugal 2500-252 Caldas da Rainha
portugal 2560-661 Caldas da Rainha
portugal 2500-798 Caldas da Rainha

Selected sights

| Castle
die alte Stadt Obidos mit gut erhaltener Stadtmauer und Burg
portugal 2510-065 Santa Maria, Ss£o Pedro e Sobral da Lagoa Praca de Santa Maria
Obidos is a tourist attraction. There is a castle, an old city wall that can be walked on, beautiful old narrow streets and there is cherry liqueur in a chocolate cup with a cherry in it.
| building
Aqueduto de Óbidos
portugal 2510 Santa Maria, Ss£o Pedro e Sobral da Lagoa Estrada de Macadame
| Fountain
portugal 2500-805 Caldas da Rainha
| Fountain
portugal 2500-212 Caldas da Rainha
| monument
Estatua da Rainha Dona Leonor
portugal 2500-184 Caldas da Rainha
Museu do Ciclismo, Caldas da Rainha
portugal 2500-798 Nossa Senhora do Populo Rua de Camoes

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General Pois

| ätere Stadtgalerie
portugal 2640-525 MAFRA Santa Maria, São Pedro e Sobral da Lagoa Avenida Movimento das Fors§as Armadas
| pharmacy
Farmacia Maldonado
portugal 2500-253 Caldas da Rainha

Mon-Fri 09:00-19:30«, » Sat 09:00-13:00
| Cepsa
portugal 2510 Óbidos IC1
Gas station Cepsa Óbidos IC1-A8
| Intermarche
Portugal 2500 Caldas R. de Eduardo Morera
Inter Signing up gas station
| Leclerc
Portugal 2500 Caldas N360
E.LECLERC with gas station
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