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motorhome parking: Wohnmobilstellplatz E.S. bonÁrea

  SP (2207723) Motorhome at a service station and petrol station
Last updated on 2017-05-28

Parking for motorhomes

Spanien, Katalonien, 25211 Guissona
Street:Carrer dels Llacs
Number of places:5
MeinwomoID 2207723
available:from: 1.Januar until: 31.Dezember

Price : without charge

  W S E N H
water:Water without charge
Dumpstation:No fee dump
Stream:No electricity available
Dogs:Dogs allowed

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RV sites in the area

  1. Wohnmobilstellplatz Cervera , 25200 Cervera, Avinguda Francesc Macià
    Communal pitch next to the regional tourist organization CAT. (Real motorhome parking)
  2. Motorhome place, 25740 Ponts, Cami de Serradal
    several level shelves in the parking lot in front of the church, outside the village on top of a hill.. @ Attention! @ Only suitable for smaller WOMOs! (Overnight Parking lot)
  3. Wohnmobilstellplatz de Servei Ondina del Segre, 25740 Ponts, Carretera Seu d´Urgell 87-97
    Parking space next to a petrol station.. Parking is also supervised by the petrol station. (Real motorhome parking)
  4. Wohnmobilstellplatz Tàrrega, 25300 Tàrrega, Carrer de Joan Tous
    The course is located on the outskirts, near the public health center (Real motorhome parking)
  5. Motorhome place Aera de Bassella, 25289 Bassella
    Parking at a petrol station on the C14 (Overnight Parking lot)
  6. Wohnmobilstellplatz Calaf, 08280 Calaf, Carrer Berlin
    Local parking space, quiet and central. (Real motorhome parking)
  7. Wohnmobilstellplatz Artesa de Segre , 25317 Artesa de Segre, Carretera de Montsonís 106
    Large parking lot with marked places for campers, on which also from time to time a hype is built.. Sundays market is in the center with many local producers. (Real motorhome parking)
  8. Wohnmobilstellplatz Mare de Deu de Montalba , 25263 Preixana, Ermita de la Mare de Déu de Montalbà
    A parking space of the community on a small Kappele, a bit away from the village.. Gray water only with bucket. (Real motorhome parking)
  9. Campingplace Camping El Solsones, 25280 Solsona, LV-4241
    Accepts ACSI Card (green) @ shady place, good for walking (Campingplace)

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