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motorhome places El-rocio Spain

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CP ()21750 El Rocio Andalusia Spain
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NO ()21750 El Rocio Andalusia Spain
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Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz El Rocio

NO ()21750 El Rocío Spain
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El-rocio, Pictures of the city and surroundings

El-rocio, Pictures and general information

  • A few kilometers west of El Rocío is the Palacio de Acebron, a large, white painted property built in 1961.. Originally intended as a hunting lodge, today it houses an information bureau of the Coto de Doñana National Park.. In the immediate vicinity of the Palacio is one of the most enchanting places I´ve ever visited a riparian forest with old, gnarled cork oaks and lush vegetation.. A Plankenweg trail leads through this wonderful piece of nature, which offers plenty of opportunities for plant and bird lovers to observe..

    Fern in the riparian forest at the Palacio de AcebronIt is a special experience to stand there silently and quietly for some time in spring and to listen to the many birdsong.. I have heard there typical forest birds such as blackbirds, chaffinches, wood pigeons and blue tits, but also species such as Orpheusspötter and Iberian Zilpzalp.. The song of this bird differs significantly from that of the ordinary Zilpzalps.. Due to the shady, moist habitat, numerous beautiful plants thrive in the riparian forest, for example orchids and ferns, among them the magnificent royal fern.

  • Eleven kilometers south of El Rocío and about four kilometers from the coastal town of Matalascañas is the visitor center El Acebuche, part of the Coto de Doñana National Park.. In the center there is an exhibition about the reserve, a souvenir shop offering books and other things, and even a small restaurant.. Behind the building begins a more than four-kilometer path, where - as almost everywhere in Doñana - you can walk on wood planks through nature..

    Observation hut at the Visitor Center El AcebucheThe hike leads through an open landscape of pine and shrubbery, including, for example, quite stately rosemary bushes and also Schopflavendel.. At the lagoon «Laguna del Acebuche» there are some observation huts, from which one has a clear view of the water surface and the reed islands.. There are many birds on the water, ranging from small songbirds hopping in the riparian vegetation to various waterfowl and griffins.. During the migration season, a number of noteworthy observations have been made at the lagoon.. So it´s worth taking your time and watching the lagoon from one of the observation huts with binoculars..
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000.47 km fuelstationfuelstation
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000.84 km parkpark
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000.9 km churchchurch
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001.08 km bankbank
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001.56 km hospitalhospital
001.7 km  athletic fields athletic fields
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