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motorhome places Rincon-de-la-victoria Spain

Motorhome place Area de Malaga Beach

SP ()29720 Malaga Spain
Pay for use site 19 Euro
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Motorhome place Wohnmobilparkplatz Rincón de la Victoria

Wi ()29730 Rincón de la Victoria Andalusia Spain
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place

NO ()29730 Rincón de la Victoria Andalusia Spain
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place

NO ()29730 Rincón de la Victoria Andalusia Spain
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Rincon-de-la-victoria, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Rincon-de-la-victoria, Pictures and general information

    Selected parking spaces

    | allgemeiner Parkplatz
    Parkplatz Calle Alberto Morgenstein
    spanien 29640 Fuengirola, Paseo Maritimo Calle Alberto Morgenstein
    Parking lot without special equipment. Just a few meters from the sea/beach. In a calm neighborhood. Satellite TV possible.
    The parking sign includes the addition `Turismo´. This means that the space may only be used by cars. According to the currently valid decree of the Ministry of Transport, mobile homes up to 3.5 t are on an equal footing with cars (the only exceptions are speed limits).
    How to get there: From the N-340 towards Malaga, exit just after the bridge over the Rio Fuengirola and take the first right towards the sea. Turn right about 50 m before the road turns left in front of the Paseo Maritimo. Danger! Park in the middle of the street, drive past it on the right. The car park is about 50m on the left.
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    spanien 29004 Malaga Camino de la Térmica, 11
    updated 1/2022. . . . as is so often the case in Spain, an eternal allowed/not allowed, so please make sure to read the comments
    After the front space can no longer be used, this space is used. It is partly paved and partly you can stand in the sand near the beach.
    Directions: Keep right at the roundabout. Then don´t drive into the cul-de-sac, but keep right again, then left again and you´re already at the entrance
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 5 m
    SP Airport Parking
    spanien 29004 Malaga Camino Gualdalmar a la Loma 28
    Guarded long-term parking also for mobile homes. Ideal for parking the motorhome during a flight home. Free airport shuttle. The prices are graded according to the parking time. See website.
    Directions: Turn off the MA-20 towards Leroy Merlin / Decathlon. Stellplatz Parking is on the left after the roundabout.
    | allgemeiner Parkplatz
    Area de Palacio de Deportes
    spanien 29004 Malaga Calle Lexicógrafa María Moliner
    downgrade vom Stell- zum Parkplatz, bitte Kommentar lesen
    Ein Stellplatz auf einem Grossparkplatz bei der Sportanlage. Man steht direkt hinterm Carrefour Supermarkt. Der Platz ist ziemlich ruhig.
    Anfahrt: Der Parkplatz liegt zwischen dem Stadion und Carrefour.
    | Parkplatz geeignet für Wohnmobil über 8 m
    spanien Malaga
    Parkplatz zum Strand und angeschlossenem Restaurant.Hier stehen überwiegend große Womos oder auch mit Anhänger.Ein offizieller Parkplatzwächter kassiert 1 Euro/Tag oder 2 Euro/Nacht.Die Polizei kontrolliert ständig. Camping ist streng verboten.

    Selected service points

    | Camper Service
    Karavan Wohnmobilhändler
    spanien 29140 Malaga Avenida General Duque de Aveiro
    Ein sehr hilfsbereites Team, auch wenn es nur um kleinere Probleme geht, die keinen grossen Gewinn erwarten lassen.
    | Camper Service
    Lan Caravaning Dometic
    spanien 29014 Malaga A-7000
    Wohnmobile Reparatur, Ausbau und Dometic Vertragshändler

    Selected gastronomy

    | restaurant
    Restaurant El Tintero
    spanien 29017 Malaga Av. Salvador Allende, 97
    A fish restaurant by the sea. Here the waiters walk through the restaurant with the dishes and offer the plates. At the end you pay for the empty plates. We didn´t eat here, didn´t like it.
    | restaurant
    Casa Victor
    Spanien 29740 Velez-Malaga Calle Laguna
    Highly recommended good value for money, with terrace.
    | restaurant
    Restorante el Mirador de Wichez
    spanien 29780 Nerja Carretera malaga Almeroa km 288,5
    A restaurant with very good cuisine in a higher price range
    | restaurant
    Restaurant Antonio
    spanien 29017 Malaga Calle Playa del Chanquete 41
    A good restaurant with very good cuisine.
    | McDonald
    spanien 29720 Restaurant McDonald MA-24
    Restaurant McDonald Restaurant McDonald

    Selected sights

    | Landscape
    Brücke in El Chorro
    Spanien 29550 Ardales MA-448
    El Chorro is a limestone gorge in Andalucia in southern Spain. «br»The gorge stretches from the end of the Embalse del Gaitanejo to El Chorro. There are two extremely narrow sections at each end of the gorge with a wider basin in between. In addition to the currently disused walkway, the Malaga to Seville/Cordoba railway line runs through the gorge in a series of multiple tunnels, bridges and dams cutting through the gorge. «br»«br»El Chorro«br»The El Chorro climbing area is one of the largest and most well-known climbing areas in southern Spain. Only 50 km north of the well-known holiday destination Málaga, the river Guadalorce cuts through a narrow canyon with rocks of the best limestone up to 300 m high. The type of climbing ranges from flat, sneaky routes to vertical, technical wall climbing to long, overhanging endurance climbs. In addition, there are also longer, well-secured routes and demanding alpine climbing tours on the high walls. Together with its Spanish-international flair and the pleasant climate, El Chorro is a perfect winter destination for sport climbing. It is ideal from October to March. It is usually too hot in midsummer.
    | church
    Spanien 29015 Malaga
    The Cathedral is one of the largest Renaissance churches in Andalusia. Locals affectionately call the church
    La Manquita, the little one-armed woman.
    Because the population had enough of the special taxes for the construction of the cathedral, the church was completed without the planned second tower after 250 years of construction.
    Especially worth seeing are the 40 carved high reliefs, which are characterized by great liveliness (Pedro de Mena)
    | Castle
    Spanien 29015 Malaga

    The castle built by the Moors in the 11th century was once more magnificent than the Alhambra. Today´s castle is a work of the Nasrid rule (13th /14th century)
    In the inner palace area was the actual palace and the residential area from the 11th century.
    The Museo Arqueologico de la Alcazaba shows, among other things, the famous ´green pottery´ (12th -14th centuries)
    | building
    Stierkampfarena von Malaga
    spanien 29016 Malaga Calle Maestranza
    In addition to museums, churches and squares, Malaga has a bullring. The arena is an impressive rotunda, is in the middle of the city and is a must-see, much-visited place. The bullring was completed in 1876 and also ceremoniously opened. In addition to the arena, there is a bullfighting museum there.
    | Castle
    Spanien 29016 Malaga
    The 14th century Gibralfaro was built as a second Moorish fortress on a 130 m high hill. Connected to the Alcazaba by a walled corridor, the Coracha.
    A nice footpath next to the Coracha leads up the hill. Magnificent view over Malaga.

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    General Pois

    | pharmacy
    Farmacia en Málaga
    spanien 29007 Malaga Avenida de Andalucía 61
    Farmacia en Málaga, Farmacia 365 días, Farmacia de urgencias, Homeopatia, Farmacia Juan Manuel GómezT: 34 952 33 49 43www. farmaciagomezgarcia. com
    | station

    Los Alamos train station to go to Malaga or Fuengirola by train.
    Trains run every half hour
    | hospital
    Hospital Virgen de la Victoria: Centro de Especialidades San José Obrero
    spanien 29006 Malaga Avenida de Juan XXIII
    Hospital Virgen de la Victoria: Centro de Especialidades San José ObreroT: 34 951 03 40 31
    | Ferry
    Autofähre Anlieger von Melilla
    spanien 52001 Melilla Mulle Villanueva
    Car ferry from Melilla (ES) to Malaga (ES) to Mortil (ES) to Armeria (ES)
    | Bakery
    Panaderi­a Salvador
    Spanien 29790 Velez-Malaga N-340a/Calle Almers­a, 150
    34 952 51 30 78, the Panaderia is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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