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motorhome places Sevilla Spain

Motorhome place Sevilla

SP ()41011 Sevilla Andalusia Spain
Pay for use site 12 until 15 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Parking Puente Los Remedios

NO ()41011 Sevilla Spain
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open 1.Juni until 28.Februar

Motorhome place Las Razas

SP ()41010 Sevilla Spain
Pay for use site 15 Euro
open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz Sevilla

PN ()41092 Sevilla Andalusia Spain
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Parkplatz am Stadion

PN ()41092 Sevilla Spain
without charge
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Wohnmobil-Parkplatz Kansas City

PN ()41007 Sevilla Andalusia Spain
Pay for use site 19.50 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Motorhome place Multiparking Sevilla

SP ()41020 Sevilla Andalusia Spain
Pay for use site 9 Euro
open Januar until Dezember

Sevilla, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Sevilla, Pictures and general information

  • The seat of government and the largest city in Andalusia - a place of festivities and joie de vivre..
    The Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in the world, with the La Giralda tower, originally a Moorish minaret, the landmark of the city..
    The most beautiful neighborhoods are Santa Cruz with the Alcazares Reales, the Archivo de Indias, the Hospital de los Venerables and the Murillo Gardens..
    La Macarena with the churches of Santa Isabel, San Lorenzo and Jesus del Gran Poder..
    The Basilica Macarena is a pilgrimage destination of the cult of Mary.. The Hospital de las Cinco Llagas, now the seat of the parliament of Andalusia, is located in this area..
    Triana the quarter of sailors and potters is known for its popularity..
    Park Maria Luisa is an island of tranquility in the midst of the city..
    Isla de la Cartuja , modern Seville.. The architectural heritage of the 1992 World´s Fair is still there.. On the site is also the leisure park of Seville, the Isla Magica.

  • A week after Easter, Andalusia´s largest festival begins with beautiful women, joy, music, song, dance, food and drink, hospitality in the casetas, horse parades, fun fair.. A thrill for all the senses!. Wine flows in streams.. Every day, up to one million visitors come..
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    How did this festival come about?
    Those who did not see Seville did not see any miracles! "And" Sevilla, qué maravilla! "Has been said since 1503. At that time, the monopoly of commerce began The city was filled with gold from the New World and sailed up the Guadalquivir, the "great river" of Wadi al-Kebir of the Moors Magnificent buildings were erected in "baroque and narcissistic Seville." But in the 18th century, the river silted, the liberal Bourbons abolished the monopoly on trade, and descent began.
    A new attraction had to be established a Catalan 1847 a large grain and livestock market, which took place annually from now on.The further development was like so much a result of female logic.The retired wives of the traders did not want their husbands the cozy. n expose taverns, gypsy gypsy women, seductive ladies of easy living and other fair temptations endangering domestic happiness alone.. Maybe they were bored a bit in their homes in Santa Cruz.. And so they created themselves and their families small market residences in the form of airy round tents with pointed roofs.. In addition to the business, a social section of the sales fair was held there..
    The market has not existed for a long time.. But when, at the end of Holy Week, the statues of Christ, Mary, the heavy pasos, carrying stages with passion scenes return to the churches after their nocturnal rounds through the narrow streets, their bearers are fatally dismissed, the nazarenos, members of the religious brotherhoods, theirs at Klu -Klux Klan-Kluften reminiscing hooded coats until next year, are already preparing for the biggest and most beautiful festival in Spain at full speed..

    The Feria begins:
    One week after Easter begins the Feria de Avril.. On the site of one square kilometer, over 1,400 "casetas", tents of 4x8 meters or more will be built.. To save space, they are no longer round but square.. But they still have a sharp roof with a painting, a name, a number.. Inside, they are lovingly decorated as a summer house with white curtains, mirrors, beautiful pictures, flowers, fine lamps, small tables and, above all, many chairs.. Because it gets crowded during the Feria.. The tenants: large companies, wineries, friends of a dozen families and more receive their acquaintances, invite them to drink, eat, chat, sing and dance.. Especially for dancing - up to 18 hours a day..
    Music bands play modern catchy tunes that many sing along, but mostly rumbas, bulerias, pasodobles and above all sevillanas.. The Sevillana is a charming, but rather intricate dance in four episodes, each stamped with the same dramatic final foot, head thrown back theatrically, one arm stretched to the sky.. Olé!. The partners radiate, but dance separately in scenic turns, pirouettes, circles and passages, with sweeping, graceful arm movements, generally without touching.. The dance is extremely sensual - the woman lures the man.. "A wonderful, narcissistic ballet," Ortega y Gasset called it true.. Sometimes the dancefloor is separated by a curtain, but mostly the bar and kitchen are in a separate rear part of the caseta, and in the front part is danced between the tables and chairs.. This is more fun - after all, you want to be seen and seen!
    The host of visitors usually come on foot, by train, bus or car, many also one to six horses in carriages or high on horseback.. The caballeros were sitting in the saddle at the age of 6 to 60, the children in front of it, wife or bride´s lover behind it - the skirt is draped over the horse´s croup.. Among them are the most beautiful women from half Spain and all Andalusia.. The deployment of up to 3,000 horses and 700 carriages a day is a magnificent picture.. The gentlemen often still wear torero hat, short jacket, red sash, leather gaucho trousers over the boots, the members of the once weakly mentioned sex usually glowing flamenco dresses with many ruffles below the hips.. These include the Mantón, a large embroidered silk scarf whose fringes mysteriously tend to get caught in buttons by passing gentlemen.. You do not need to "lose" a handkerchief..
    Romantically, many gentlemen still whisper piropos in the street in front of them walking pretty women.. These are whisper compliments like "Olé, guapa - Pretty!", "You´re moving more than the waves!", "You carry the perfume of Spain with you!". The ladies pretend that they hear nothing, but rejoice royally inside.. There´s another saying that today´s youth is not romantic!
    The festival starts on Mondays at midnight, when the 30,000 electric pears of the festival´s white and orange lanterns all light up simultaneously, including the lamps of the portada, the high, every year changing entrance building.. It is often agreed as a meeting place.. However, you will hardly meet there, because it is so huge..
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the days of the rich and the beautiful, especially chic and elegant.. Half of Andalusia is marching for the weekend - about one million visitors on Saturday.. Then many Sevillians already weary, retired to the home or home on the beach.. Every day starting at noon, the operation begins with the horse parade «the highlight is around 17-18 and the end at 20 o´clock», the receptions in the casetas, first dances..
    It wanes somewhat at 6 pm when many aficionados make a pilgrimage to the bullfighting in the Maestranza, the second oldest arena in the country after the one in Ronda..
    At 9 pm the lights go on and the wildest hours begin.. The "sherry" «English verballhorntes "Jerez" after the old Moorish border Jerez de la Frontera» flows in torrents.. Anyone who threatens to lose the fight against him will be brought back to life with tapas in the casetas.. Tapas are in Spanish originally "lids", which were formerly used to keep the flies on the filled wine glass, such as a slice of bread, cheese, ham.. In the Feria there are exquisite delicacies such as "pescaíto frito", ie fish, air-dried Serrano ham, mini-steaks, cheese snacks and similar delicacies.. At midnight hot broth with mint leaves, "Caldito de la Feria con yerbabuena", pea soup is served in the morning for the revival.. In addition, habitués drink in between a mixture of wine and Sinalco or 7up with plenty of ice.. Honni soit qui times y pense!. Because of all this you hardly see a drunk..

    At 8-9 in the morning, many dancers still refuse to believe that the night is over, even though it is already light.. Only the arrival of the cleaning brigades at ten convinced them of the sad truth.. Then they consoled themselves for breakfast with chocolate con churros «cocoa with einzustippenden, slightly salty pond rods - oh bliss!» Or buñuelos at the "buñoleras", gypsy women who are in Feria mood to cheer their guests even a fiery flamenco with lots Celebrate clapping hands.. Later there will be "moros y cristianos", ie Moors and Christians, black beans with white rice.. Singing and dancing in the casetas last until the last, really the very last minute, before midnight on Sunday, when the impressive fireworks over the great river are kindled.. "Aaah!". "Oooh!". "Qué liiindo!"

    The Feria is still a purely Spanish affair.. The rarity of foreign visitors and the warm hospitality of the Andalusians mean that you - if you do not look too dismissive - often to a glass of manzanilla in front of the caseta, sometimes to a chat with tapas in the tent, occasionally to a Dance be invited.. In doing so, it makes you easier as a man, because you only want to move your feet a little bit in the rhythm..
    The ladies with their complex steps and arm movements are so joyful that often two women dance together.. This is especially enchanting when moms teach their six-year-old future heartbreakers, who already - well, almost - dance as well as mom, at least as enthusiastic and insatiable.. Of course, no reasonable person would try to learn Sevillana one evening.. But who is sensible in the Feria?

    And if you are not constantly invited to private casetas?. Then you can still find your home in over a dozen public tents without invitation.. B. those of the neighborhoods.. There are also wine and food at reasonable prices.. Particularly fiery music can be found in the "Distrito Triana", "Dto Casco Antiguo" and "Dto Macarena", but from the tape.. For chapels there would be no place here - up to 10 000 visitors dance here in one day.. Not for claustrophobic!
    If you want to relax by dancing or watching, you can visit the adjacent "Inferno Street", the fairground with two giant wheels, "hell trains", coches locos, gigantic "Viking ship swing", a circus and zoo, not to mention the sights in the empty town..
    If you then want to return to your new friends in a caseta, remember that - as in real life - the house numbers in each of the streets named after famous bullfighters start anew.. And do not forget that casetas are not public bars or pubs, but private rooms in which one is not automatically invited to constantly retreating and eating eternally.. Here, too, Ortega is right: "You have to stop eating, as long as you taste the best, that´s the secret of those who have long been loved."


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