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Motorhome place Lidköping-Spiken
5.1 Sterne von maximal 6 aus 11 Bewertungen.

Spikens Båthamn

  SP (1213999) Stellplatz of Spiken Gästehamn
Last updated on 2021-09-22

Parking for motorhomes

Schweden, , 53102 Lidköping-Spiken
Number of places:10 | with power:10
MeinwomoID 1213999
Environment:very beautiful surroundings
last visit message: 09/2021
available:from: .Januar until: .Dezember

Price : Pay for use site

  -> Price for 24h, 2 people and tax(Euro): von 14 bis 14
  W M S E N D wc W H
water:Water included
Dumpstation:No Dumpstation
Stream:Electricity flatfee -> Price(Euro):4
Garbage:dustbin available
Dogs:Dogs allowed

Directions and coordinates

  In regard to the follow Lidköping Läckö Slott. 25 km turn left direction behind Lidköping spiking.

-> Also for mobile over 8 m

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Facilities/Right on the site

Facilities/walking distance
Comments and ratings

The most important comments (insgesamt vorhanden=19)
heimdahl | 2021-08 |Der Preis liegt jetzt bei 140 Kronen ohne und 180 Kronen mit Strom
klauf | 2019-09 | The cashier comes in the evening.
norbiab | 2014-06 | A very nice place, very quiet.. Next door in the harbor there are plenty of fish stalls and a restaurant.. Supply, disposal is as often in Sweden a problem, a gray water disposal is not found, the toilet can be disposed of in the toilet of the house guests port (without harsh chemicals!)
womope | 2013-05 | Beautiful place!. Unfortunately, utilities, waste was unclear.
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