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Haelleviksstrand, Information and images


    Motorhome place Marina Hälleviksstrand

    SP ()47332 Hälleviksstrand Sweden
    Pay for use site 20 Euro
    WMSEN DwcU
    open Januar until Dezember

    Motorhome place Besucherparkplatz

    PN ()47492 Hälleviksstrand Sweden
    without charge
    WMSEN DwcU

    Motorhome place Varvsvägen/Snäckvägen

    SP ()47492 Hälleviksstrand Sweden
    Pay for use site 12 Euro
    WMSEN DwcU
    open 1.Januar until 31.Dezember

    Selected parking spaces

    | unclear usage
    A typical small Swedish wooden church. Unfortunately we could not enter them.
    | unclear usage
    Hamnvägen, Hälleviksstrand
    A parking lot to visit the small fishing village.

    Selected sights

    | Museum General
    Hälleviksstrands Sjöbodsmuseum
    schweden 474 92 Hälleviksstrand Sollidsvägen
    The Hälleviksstrands Sjöbodsmuseum in Hälleviksstrand, Sweden, is a museum dedicated to the traditional fishing trade in the region. It was housed in a renovated historic building from 1882, previousl. . . FURTHER . . .
    | Cultural History
    Hälleviksstrands Hembygdsmuseum
    schweden 474 92 Hälleviksstrand Landsvägen
    The Hälleviksstrands Hembygdsmuseum in Hälleviksstrand, Sweden is a museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of objects and artifacts that reflect the history and culture of the. . . FURTHER . . .
    | lighthouse
    Möllosund Leuchtturm
    schweden Mollösund Hamnvs¤gen
    Beautifully situated lighthouse on the outskirts of Möllosund. When you visit, you come across a large yard of the local fishery and can watch how the freshly caught fish are pumped directly to the co. . . FURTHER . . .
    | church
    Hälleviksstrands kyrka
    schweden 47492 Hällevik Västergårdsvägen
    | lighthouse
    schweden Hs¤lleviksstrand
    | lighthouse
    schweden Stocken
    | lighthouse
    schweden Stocken O747
    | lighthouse
    schweden Ellös O751
    | Museum General
    schweden 474 94 Mollösund Hamnvägen

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    General Pois

    | Marina
    Marina Stocken
    schweden Stocken Hagevägen 35
    Marina Stocken is very sheltered in a bay surrounded by islands and in the wind cover of the town of Stocken.
    | Ferry
    Ferry from Käringön to Tuvesvik and back
    schweden Hs¤lleviksstrand O770
    schweden Hs¤lleviksstrand Vs¤stergs¥rdsvs¤gen
    schweden Hs¤lleviksstrand Vs¤stergs¥rdsvs¤gen